Friday, 11 December 2009

Graham's Meme

1. Tell us your Kinsey rating! (That is, where you fall, approximately, on the spectrum of sexuality, with zero being "only attracted to members of the opposite sex" and six being "only attracted to members of the same sex." Follow the link for the full breakdown.):
Zille and Graham are much more interesting at 3. A year or so ago, I would have been 0. Now I'd say I'm a 1. Who knows where I will get to in time?!

2. Spanking / BDSM "type" that suits you best (switch, top, masochist, grand-master-wizard, etc.):
Bottom. Boring, I know...

3. Favourite blog / site of the moment (kinky/spanking-themed):
Totally can't choose - I love them all, so I'm going to copy Graham, and wave at Indy's Not So Submissive, a great new blog if you haven't yet encountered it.

4. Favorite non-kinky blog / site of the moment:
West End Whingers. Great theatre reviews of loads and loads of shows in London (and as I'm a total theatre whore, it's like a fix for when I can't get up to see a show. Wonder what they'll think when they see hits coming from a spanking blog...!

5. Latest spanking fantasy floating in your head:
Gosh, I don't really know. It probably varies between something similar to what I
did the other day and just a really playful session involving lots of fun, laughs and all the implements I really like (belts, floggers, more floggers). My mind has not got a lot of time to be letting itself run wild at the moment, more's the pity!

6. Blogger you'd like to spank / be spanked by:
Scarily, looking at my blog roll, I've actually been spanked by quite a lot of the "potential" people on my blog roll (i.e. those who are tops or switches) is
Caroline Grey's Frank an acceptable choice, even if it slightly pushes the boundaries of "blogger"?

7. Age when you lost your (consensual, adult) spanking virginity — if this has yet to happen, give us a prediction or goal!
31. Pathetic I know!

8. Favourite literary reference (excluding spanking stories!):
Yes, Graham, that is a hard one! OK, well, I think it would probably have to be any spanking references in the
Chalet School books. No spanking happened at the school, but there were a fair few references to spankings that happened outside school.

9. Strangest limit:
Wrists. I have a wrist phobia. Put handcuffs on me at your peril.

10. Some Random Vanilla Trivia, in the grand tradition of memehood... Like, "what are you listening to right now," or "what's your favorite fruit," or anything similarly banal.
Listening to "the tumble drier drying my sheets". Least favourite fruit. Strawberries because they give me asthma attacks.


Graham said...

Eliane, I think you need to be less self-deprecating. Ain't nothin wrong with being a bottom, or a Kinsey 1 -- though that won't stop us from trying to pull you toward our end of the spectrum... mwahahaha.

Paul said...

Eliane, thanks for doing this, I agree with Graham, you are a valuable member of our community.
Warm hugs,

Master Retep said...

I think bottoms are great, my favorite company, so, like Graham says, don't run yourself down. As for being a low Kinsey number, I'm very happy where I am, down around zero. If you're ever back in Dublin, I'm a blogger and I still have that flogger (and a belt or three).

Jessica said...

I think you might get your wish about being spanked by a blogger out of the way in January, eh sweetie?