Monday, 14 December 2009

Furniture Fail

So, following on from my last post, I was inspired to actually go and look on line for library steps. This is not an item of furniture I currently posses, but I do think, given my love of books, it's something I can easily get away with as a vanilla piece of furniture with it having a delightful kinky use as well. For this inspiration, I would like to thank particular dear friends.

The thing is, though, library steps are expensive. Often over £100, which, when one is buying a new house, seems a little excessive for a piece of furniture bought pretty much for the purpose of spanking. So imagine my excitement, when , looking on a price comparison site, I saw a set for £15!

It took me a while to spot the slight issue, though:

Yes, that's right. They are doll's house library steps. So if I want to spank my Barbies, great, but for actual humans? Not so good. Darn.


Abel1234 said...

We've had our eye on some library steps for a long while, but as you say, they're horribly expensive.

We did find some nice ones at Scotts of Stow a while back, but they needed self-assembly. And knowing my ineptitude building anything, we decided it was safer not to buy them. The thought of the steps collapsing mid-thrashing was just too worrying!

ronnie said...

Have you tried ebay? I'm sure I saw some Victorian steps only last week. but maybe they could have been for a doll's house, not sure now.


Master Retep said...

When I bagsyed the library steps, I did NOT mean doll's house ones. I quite definitely visualised ones that would specifically fit you.

Rebecca said...

Heehee but pink Barbie steps would
be *so* cute!