Friday, 15 January 2010

Amateur Mistakes

Amateur Mistake 1)

Never, ever write anything on your blog that you don't want to be used against you. Such as something along the lines of "I use counting to control the pace". Idiotic, really.

Amateur Mistake 2)

Don't buy evil, evil thick heavy canes because you have somehow decided you prefer thuddier canes. Evil thick heavy canes hurt. A lot.

Amateur Mistake 3)

This one was possibly the MOST stupid. Don't ever, ever ask... "so which of the four canes I've got it your favourite..?" because that question will be followed by "No. no, you *don't* need to test them all out. Put them down!!! Owwwww!"

(The four canes. From oldest to newest, thinnest to thickest.)

Learn from my stupidity, I implore you.


Haron said...

All that said, they're very pretty :)

Simon said...

Awww, canes are meant to be used.

So which is your favourite?

PK said...

ROFLMAO - sounds like you learned a lot!


Indy said...

My dear, you are no longer an amateur. One is forced to conclude that you have a bit of a masochistic streak. ;-)

I hope it was fun!

Nick said...

What Im wondering is, how did your results compare to the results of the female character you were describing in your earlier IM you were so happy about ;-). Oh, btw, I am posting regularly again in case you hadnt noticed :-).