Saturday, 16 January 2010

How Long Does A Spanking Last

Jessica posted a couple of days ago about a fifteen minute timer owned by Abel, which could be used to administer 15 minutes worth of spanking. She was saying that this is quite a long period over which to spank or be spanked. It then occurred to be that I have no idea whether this is a long time or not.

I think I can safely say that I have no concept of how long any of my spankings have lasted. This is partly because I don't wear a watch I suppose. Also because I don't have a clock in my living room. I mean, I can tell you that ones I've had at things like Lowewood days were probably pretty short, but when I'm playing one on one with someone, no idea. 3 minutes? 20 minutes? Absolutely no idea! Maybe I should start keeping an eye on the time next time I'm spanked. Just in the interests of being better educated, obviously!


Jessica said...

I got spanked last night by Uncle Edmund, using a timer, encouraged by my blog post. It really hurt and I thought I might die :(

I would say that keep it below five!!!

J xx

ronnie said...

I just asked P "how long should a spanking last" his reply, as long as I wont it to be :)

Have a good weekend Elaine.