Thursday 14 January 2010

On Being Caned

I was winding up a friend over IM this morning, and it occurred to me that this might make a nice little post. I've kept the format the same, as I think it works.

It's that HAVING to submit
to something that hurts...
well, not having, but having to choose
in a way that I don't with other things because I like them, want them more
it's so much about the dynamic with the cane
think about being told to bend over a chair by a really good top
knowing that however much you protest, as long as you don't actually safeword, you WILL be going through with this
being told to spread your legs more, knowing he can see EXACTLY how turned on you are
not daring to look up
but hearing that tell tale swish
which makes your stomach turn over...
feeling the cane tap against your bum
finding its mark
then a swish, when you tense
but nothing happens
you relax
and WHAM


Nick said...

OH, how very nice Eliane. This has given me much food for thought and mental notes are being taken for use on a certain person :-)

Jessica said...

Love it ;-)

Rebecca said...

Yummy :)

Indy said...

Girls who wind up their friends on IM definitely deserve a good, hard whacking. I suspect a certain top of your acquaintance agrees with me about that, judging from your tweets this evening...

Still, it is undeniably a very hot description!