Sunday 17 January 2010

Uncanny Similarities

The person who caned me the other night is male, has short hair, and in no way could be mistaken for a woman. The person who taught me singing a couple of days later is female, has long, flowing locks and could in no way be mistaken for a man.

So how did I find myself having the exact same conversation with both of them?

Conversation 1:

Me: (Kicking my legs up repeatedly, and eventually standing up) I can't do it!
Him: (Glaring) Yes, you can.
Me: (Whining) No I can't. It's too hard.
Him: (Still glaring) Yes you can. It's supposed to be hard.

Conversation 2:
Me: (Stamping my foot, of which I'm not proud) I can't do it!
Her: (Glaring) Yes, you can.
Me: (Whining) No I can't, it's too hard!
Her: (Still glaring) You don't pay me to be easy, it's supposed to be hard. You can do it.

It was at this point during the second conversation that I realised I was having the exact same conversation as when I was being caned, burst into a fit of uncontrollable giggles, and could think of no good explanation to give to my singing teacher as to WHY I was laughing.

On a slightly more serious note, it turned out that I could do it. Both times... I should stop underestimating myself, maybe.


Paul said...

Eliane, unfortunately we all do that at times, even the best of us.
Warm hugs,

Indy said...

This completely cracked me up. I remember a similar conversation with a friend about being ticklish and getting pedicures. She told me the pedicurist assured her that he was very good at blocking kicking clients. I didn't explain that I was laughing so hard because I'd recently heard more or less the same line from a top.