Monday 18 January 2010

Learning To Count

A lovely little anecdote about counting on the Spanking Writers the other day reminded me of an incident on New Year's Eve.

Before we go any further, let me point out that I was stone cold sober on New Year's Eve. I was sick, I was driving, and not a single drop of alcohol had passed my lips since December 27th. So *that* wasn't the reason for what happened.

Which was that I lost the ability to count. We were playing with the evil dice and weren't generally counting strokes out loud, but I was in my head, and every time we got to the end (apparently) I would be there thinking that I'd only had eleven, or seven, or whatever, one less than I was supposed to have. This happened three times, I think, and once when I could have sworn that one of the other girls got less than they were supposed to. Of course, as I was sober, I was convinced that it couldn't be me who was having problems counting, and said so. Which naturally meant that the next time the dice fell in my favour (disfavour?), HWMBO decided that he was going to give me a little arithmetic lesson. In the art of counting from 1 - 12, out loud. Anyone surprised to hear that I managed it that time? Thought not!

So why was I being so numerically challenged earlier in the evening? Who knows? Lack of concentration? Still feeling a bit ill? Or maybe it *wasn't* that I was numerically challenged. Maybe it was that everyone else was wrong? Yup, that's the explanation I'm going with.

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Indy said...

I may have counted myself into an extra stroke yesterday, on the second of three spankings. Nick had told me I'd get ten with the strap on each side. When he got to what I thought was nine on the first side, I stupidly told him there was one more. The funny thing was, I was waiting for it and would have felt all backwards without it, even though it bloody hurt.

Maybe I should think about this submissiveness gig after all, and just turn around meekly when ordered to do so!