Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow Day

Sneaking in through back door, closing it softly. Sneaking upstairs, praying he didn't hear her. He was home two hours early. Hopefully he would think she was studying, and not have looked for her.

The voice from the living room. She acts surprised, claims to have only been out for a walk in the snow. Half an hour or so. Tries not to blush as the lies fall from her mouth. He tells her the office was closed early because of the weather. He has been home for two hours. He knows she has been gone that whole time.

She confesses. In the pub, with her friends, all at home due to the school snow closures as well.
His words are scornful. 18 years old... thought she was trustworthy... obviously not... barefaced lies... consequences inevitable....

And later, she curls up on her bed, rubbing her sore bottom, the stripes from his belt still ridged there, crying softly, but knowing from his hugs that all is forgiven.


Haron said...

Awww. Poor girl. How, like, totally unfair :)

Paul said...

Eliane, short but very sweet.
Warm hugs,

Casey Morgan said...

I like this sparse style. Goes along with the fantasy nature of it. Thanks for writing it!

Eliane said...

It was inspired by you, or at least by your ability to write beautifully concise little stories.

Caroline Grey said...

poor girl, not allowed to enjoy her snow day as she wants.

Lovely story.

EmmaJane said...

Oooh I like the short and sweet style, still manages to convey so much of the emotions that go with such spankings.

Please can we see more of this?


Anonymous said...


Indy said...

I quite agree with DaniloHamlet! :-)