Thursday, 21 January 2010

Marks Hunter

I've always been a marks hunter. After the top grades, the most points, the distinctions in exams.

Nowadays I hunt different sorts of marks.

It's actually quite hard to admit, but I really, really love having marks from a spanking. Well, let's be honest, it's mostly from canings or strappings or something. I think reactions to marks vary. Some tops don't particularly like leaving them, as it shows that actual damage has been done, however short term or superficial. Let's be frank - a bruise is caused by broken capillaries. No matter if the bruise is small and light, you've still broken blood vessels. This is why bottoms often don't like getting marks either.

It's for all these terribly logical reasons that I know I shouldn't like having marks. I really shouldn't. I can't help it though, I do. There is a problem though. The best marks come from canes, which is the first part of the problem. The second part of the problem is that the best cane marks, the ones like these, the ones that really just make me want to spend the day staring at the bottom in the mirror (I'm not generally narcissistic, but cane marks make me so), are the ones that come from a cold caning. And cold canings hurt. A lot.

From a psychological perspective, I'm not quite sure why I like marks, but I suppose there are a number of reasons. They are a testament to my "bravery" in enduring something which find painful, they are a mark of having submitted to something and come through the other side, they are a memento of someone's beautiful handiwork. All of those reasons are valid to me. Probably not to a psychoanalyst, but to me, yes.

Well, psychoanalysts be damned: there's really nothing like having a beautiful set of parallel stripes on your bum. They are pretty. They are a trophy. And I like treasure them.


Paul said...

Eliane, may you have many such sets to treasure over the years.
And may you only receive them from those that you treasure.
Warm hugs,

Alyx said...

Wow, I can't believe I missed that the first time around! The marks make me wince, but I'm happy for you that you were happy with them. :) And I also hope you have lots and lots of opportunities to earn more in the future!

(Nice bum, btw. *g*)