Saturday 6 February 2010

Giving Up The Knickers

Knickers are so pretty. Frothy bits of lace, silky ones, ruffled ones, cheeky slogan ones, turquoise ones, pink ones, white, black, navy, green, red... I love them all. I love owning them, looking at them, wearing them, and I love buying them.
I can actually identify the start of my knicker buying obsession (and believe me, it is an obsession, or possibly an addiction). It was when I went to New York in October 2008. On that trip I was trying to cut down on my book buying habits, I have actually improved on that front by the way, but I seemed to somehow substitute books for knickers, and it got worse, and worse, and worse, and worse, and worse, and worse until today I realised that I had managed to buy yet another five pairs of knickers in two days.

Just looking back over my blog to pull out all my knicker buying posts has made me ashamed, and if I hadn't already realised that I have a problem, that would have done it.

The time has come for a change. I must have (and I've not counted) getting on for 200 pairs of knickers now. Silly and excessive, especially as at least 150 of those have been bought in the last 16 months. So I'm going to do something about it. I'm going to stop buying knickers. First of all until Easter, two months away. Call it an early Lent decision. In general, if I really set my mind to doing something, it will happen, so I've got a pretty good feeling that I can stick to this. However I want added incentives, and this is where my friends come in. Adele Haze has already offered to confiscate two pairs of knickers for every one that I buy, but I think I need something even more drastic than that, so I'm hereby giving every top that I play with permission to give me six strokes of the cane if they find out I've bought any knickers between now and Easter!
The thing is though, none of them are going to get the chance to do that, as I *will* be strong!


Indy said...

My money's on Haze!

Paul said...

Eliane, I suspect that knicker buying is a slight improvement on book buying, from the space point of view, that is.
I wish you success in your endeavor, as any failure would result in you not being able to sit comfortably for a while.
Warm hugs,

Jessica said...

books! Books! Books!

Shall we start going to 'Addictions Anonymous' together?

Unknown said...

The question is, is it six strokes for each pair of knickers?

I think Adele's solution might well be more effective!


Rebecca said...

Ah good luck sweetie - and just think - if in not buying more now you wear some of the ones you have out then you'll be justified having more in the future... xx

Indy said...

I do hope you made it to your Meeting this morning. "I'm Eliane, and it's been two days since I last bought a pair (half dozen pairs...) of knickers."

Master Retep said...

I suppose it will be quite a while before we have you going "commando".

Any more shopping between now and March 20, you can count me in as a top with a cane or two, and you've met that brand already. And we expect honesty, even if the kapchka for this comment is "cheati", honestly.

Abel1234 said...

Giving you six strokes if you buy any knickers before Easter?

OMG aren't new knickers lovely? Just think... lace, frills, nice colours... Agent Provocateur... La Senza... Bravissimo... all wrapped up beautifully...

Casey Morgan said...

I think what Abel meant to say was: "Want some candy, little girl? Heh heh heh..."

But seriously, good job you trying to bring some balance and control to this area of your life. Whatever buying the knickers was supposed to accomplish or soothe, maybe it wasn't really working, since you had to keep buying more? Maybe there's a better way to address that need...

All you tempters and temptresses can keep off! I believe in our Eliane, and I'm betting she will make it. So there!

Eliane said...

Indy: Cheers for the support, darling, you'll get yours!
Paul, Jessica: I think I may only recall the full extent of my book buying insanity when they are all finally unpacked from the various places they are languishing at the moment.
Simon: Adele is free to confiscate the white cotton ones. I hate those!
Rebecca: Finally, someone whose words make sense!
MR: Commando... never!
Abel: You are a bad and evil man.
Casey: I don't think the knicker buying was really soothing anything... I just have far too much of a love of pretty things. But hopefully I can give up!

Abel1234 said...

Thank you. You say the nicest things!