Thursday, 22 April 2010

Time To Get Over It

The time has come to get over it. It being my fear of being spanked in the house. This somewhat irrational (OK, maybe not that irrational!) fear has been with me for the past two and a half months, since I moved, and is occasionally heightened by hearing the neighbours sneeze!

I now no longer have the option of being squicked by the thought of spanking noise being overheard by the neighbours. This is because in under 48 hours there will be up to eighteen spankos in the house, invited by me to my kinky housewarming party. It would be more than a little unreasonable to invite a bunch of kinky folk to a kinky housewarming, and then ban play, wouldn't it? And to be honest, knowing the propensity of some of this lot to starting to whack people with merely the slightest provocation, I suspect banning them from playing would be a pointless task anyway ;-)

So yeah, time to get over the anti-spanking-noise hang ups. I suspect the most effective way of doing this may just to be get rather drunk, lose my inhibitions and not care what's happening. The other option, staying sober and freaking out, doesn't seem like such a good idea.


Scarlett De Winter said...

Babes, I'm coming to see you and help you enjoy settling into your new house, not to get smacked by mean men. If you don't want spanking in your house, then don't have it, we're all friends as well as playmates. If you really want to, then do, but don't feel you have to.

Indy said...

Scarlett is obviously much nicer than I am.

I'm for plan A, get tipsy and lose your inhibitions. Emma Jane, I'm counting on you to help Eliane implement this fine plan. Dancing in underwear is optional.

If it makes you feel any better, my neighbors haven't commented since Nick & Linda started coming down, and there are only about two yards of space between the spanking room and the next house. Come to think of it, they've rather been avoiding me...

Turn up the sound system and have fun!

Paul said...

Eliane, just enjoy your party, have fun.
Warm hugs,