Tuesday 3 March 2009

Spanking In The Musicals

I was listening to some songs from the musical The Boyfriend the other day. I've not seen it in years (um, probably at least fifteen years), so I can't quite remember the plot, but stuck in a traffic jam on the way to work I decided that whatever the finer details of the plot, it could only be improved by having some spanking in there...! After all, the show, if I recall correctly, involved several rather feisty young ladies running amok in the south of France trying to find themselves boyfriends: surely there's scope for spanking in there?

I then continued on this train of thought - what other leading lady characters would benefit from a good spanking. The obvious one of course, is Kiss Me Kate, which I've never seen (shocking, I know!) but which does involve a spanking. Or how about Calam, in Calamity Jane? There's a lady who's always flying off the handle and jumping to the wrong conclusions, I'm sure Wild Bill Hickock would have liked to put her over his knee. Italic

Of course we have South Pacific - maybe a Nellie Forbush spanking scene would be an improvement? Or Millie Dillmount being spanked over her boss's knee in Thoroughly Modern Millie?

At this point the jam freed up, and I continued on my way, but I'd love to hear some more suggestions!

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