Monday 2 March 2009


Sometimes the best nights are the simplest ones - a glass of wine, some stir fry and the first series of "The Kids From Fame", the best television show in the world ever. I might be slightly biased about this, as from the age of six, when I became addicted to Fame, I wanted to go to the New York High School of Performing Arts. Desperately. Did it matter that you had to be 14 or something? Nope. Did it matter that I lived in Wales and it was, well, in New York? Again, no. That was the place for me. I knew all the words to songs I had on my tape, Fame, Starmaker, Life Is A Celebration, We've Got The Power To Be. I was obsessed.

I know if I cast a critical eye over it nowadays, I would find it somewhat lacking, but my critical eye is remaining firmly shut, thank you very much, as my inner six year old is busy enjoying herself.

It even included it's own wannabe domme, Miss Lydia Grant, complete with her cane banging on the floor, saying the immortal line: "You want fame?! Well fame costs! And right here's where you start paying. In sweat."

I was talking to a friend from the show I did in November a few weeks ago, and mentioned it. She didn't know the TV programme and I had to explain about it it to her. That made me sad. Imagine not growing up spending your entire school life hoping that the canteen was 5 seconds from breaking into a song and dance routine. Poor thing!

So for now I'm going to leave you all and go back to immersing myself in a cheesy 80's TV show. Yay!!

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