Saturday, 21 March 2009


I am celebrating an anniversary today. Nope, it's not my birthday. Nor is it my blog's birthday. It's a year since the birth of "Eliane", my kinky alter-ego. (What, you mean you thought Eliane was my real name?!)
One year ago today, March 21st 2008, I created an account on Informed Consent, the UK BDSM website. It was my first step into the real-life kinky world.
Since then, I've had my first (of many) real life spanking. I've played with 6 guys and one girl; had probably at least 20 implements used on me; bought a good 10 myself; learnt to fear canes and love floggers. I've discovered what I like and what I don't; I've met a whole load of people who made me realise that no, I'm actually not a freak, and who hopefully will be friends on this journey for a long time to come. I've started a blog. I've told seven of my vanilla friends that I'm kinky; hell, I've even told my mother.
So all in all, a pretty damn good year. So please join me in raising a glass of your favourite tipple (mine's a Champagne please) to Eliane's first birthday. Long may she continue to be the happy and fulfilled kinky girl she has become in the last year.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! That is a very-very good year. Wish we'd have thought to note the date we started... would be cool to have that special birthday.

Todd & Suzy

Jean said...

Congrats!! Thanks for sharing it with us

Winchester said...

Here's to you, Eliane: congratulations - both on your anniversary and on all that you have achieved in the past year - especially being brave enough to tell vanilla friends and your Mother. Does today's anniversary celebration ,make room for any spanking?

Irelynn said...

Happy anniversary lovebug! It's amazing because today is also the first day of spring, isn't it? It should be because yesterday was the anniversary of my dad dying and he died a day before spring started.

Oh, I probably shouldn't be talking about dead people when we're celebrating! Congrats, Eliane, I shall have a glass of orange juice in your honour. (Orange juice is okay, right? I don't feel like having alcohol so early on in the day :P)

Indy said...

I combined your drink and Irelynn's and had a mimosa in your honor. Not explicitly stated as such, as I was in vanilla company, but still!

I'm a few days away from the first anniversary of my first RL play experience, so I nodded quite a bit in agreement as I read this entry. Makes for a hell of a year, doesn't it? :-)

PK said...

Eliane! Happy Birthday! This has been a year of accepting yourself and allowing a few to know the real you. It sure sounds like you made the best decision for your life. I hope you continue to enjoy being Eliane for many, many years!!


Eliane said...

Thank you all for your congratulations,and drinks! Irelynn and Indy, I may forgive you for not having Champagne ;-)
And unfortunately there were no anniversary spankings, but hopefully I'll make time for one next week!