Friday, 6 March 2009

The English Vice

I have never yet met an English guy into spanking who does not obsess over canes. They all seem to have some sort of freaky love affair going on with the stupid things, and a day is not a successful one unless it involves a cane being applied to a bottom. What I don't understand though, is why? Of all the lovely implements to fixate on why canes?! Why not a flogger fixation? (Seriously, why not? I've got one, because they are yummy!) But no, for your average English spanko guy it's the cane that really floats his boat. I suppose it must be something to do with school. A lot of the spankers that I know are old enough to have still been in school when corporal punishment was allowed, and of course the cane was the implement to fear in most secondary schools in those days. So even if they weren't caned themselves, the damn thing probably sparked all their spanking fantasies. I suppose that mythology persists even for those who were at school after those days had gone.

To be fair, canes always featured in my fantasies as well, probably for the same reason. Note the use of the past tense there. When I discovered the reality of the things, they quickly STOPPED featuring in my fantasies.

These musings are prompted by the fact that I've been threatened with the appearance of a cane next week, and presumably it won't just be "appearing", it will be aimed at my poor innocent bum.

Like I said, a day in the life of an English spanker is not complete unless they've caned someone. I need to move to a country with a better obsession. Anyone got any suggestions?!


Irelynn said...

You should have been Dutch, like me. Then you, too, wouldn't have known what on earth a cane was until people had mentioned the thing to you about a hundred times and you finally decided to go and find a picture!

Do you think Hawaii is cane-less? Cause we could go and live there. You know, or anywhere else that's warm and sunny and has friendly people living there.

Anonymous said...

Depends what you would like your adopted country to be obsessed with.

Personally, I don't think there's a better object of obsession than caned, but that would be why I moved to England *g*

Kami Robertson said...

You know, you can make a friend of cane if you will try very hard ;)

You can always move through the ocean, but I'm not sure you would like wooden paddles more than cane.

Definitely forget about Poland, cane got there as well - as a sybmol of ultimate punishment (not sure why though as I can name couple of other implements that are far worse!) But hey, that's the power of the myth! ;)

Never thought of it before but there is something extremely *elegant* about cane. The shape, smooth and proud...

lunaKM said...

Not all Englishmen are obsessed with canes though. My Master probably will only rarely touch them. He's more interested in other play items. Loves rope, that's his fix.

Eliane said...

Haron and Kami - you two *moved* to the cane obsessed land... you're strange ;-)

Luna - an Englishman not obsessed with canes? Does he have a brother, perchance?

Irelynn,Hawaii sounds nice, but I think I need to go and find the country where people are obsessed with floggers, and go there. So if someone could point me in the right direction, that would be great :-D

Kami Robertson said...

Yes Eliane, we are, so as YOU :P

Anonymous said...

My husband is an Englishman without a cane fixation. We have a few, but they get used far less often than pretty much anything else.

He finds canes rather cold and distant, preferring implements that allow him to have me OTK. And even for a thrashing prefers a heavy tawse to a cane.

That said, we do have three of them and when they come out he does like to swish them about.

Eliane said...

Thank you Mija - you give me hope that non-cane obsessed Englishmen are less rare than I thought. Now I just have to find one!!

Alyx said...

Having had an English lover, I have to say I thoroughly appreciate all their vices. *bg* Not canes, though, and luckily my lover was a woman and therefore perhaps escaped the obsession which befall the men.

As for life in Hawaii, it IS lovely and warm, and canes are rarely seen. However slippers (which you call flip flops) are common implements for spanking, as are wooden spoons and belts. Maybe you'll have to travel to France? Isn't the martinet supposed to be like a small/thin flogger?