Wednesday 18 March 2009

Best Excuse Ever!

Watching the news this morning, I realised I have the best excuse for getting out of a birching, if I'm ever, um "offered" one. I am to a certain extent fascinated with the idea of birching. However, several people have pointed out that I don't much like canes, and birching is much worse, so I need to have a strategy to avoid a birching if the situation ever arises.
Well, folks, BBC news gave me my excuse this morning. They had an item about how early the hayfever season is starting, and a particular hazard at the moment is the birch pollen. Which, conveniently enough, I'm allergic to, always have been ever since I developed hayfever when I was 12. How well do you think "I can't be birched because I'm allergic to the pollen" will go down?


Graham said...

Well, it'll probably go down something like this —

"Fine. I'll assume you're not allergic to rattan...?" ; )

Kami Robertson said...

Hmmm...The birch can be always soaked (read washed from ANY possible pollen) and you can be birched at home :P.
But go ahead, try the excuse and let us know whether it works ;)

Though include Graham's advice as well ;)

Btw - I don't need new to know hayfever season started. My eyes were first :(

Winchester said...

I don't think you'd stand an earthly. Birches are made from birch rods which have been stripped of all growth - so there is no pollen risk at all. Rather - there might be an extra few strokes as incentive not to wriggle out of punishments!

But are you seriously thinking of being birched?

Eliane said...

Hmpf. Where's the "Yeah, great idea, of course it will work" type of comments...?
And Winchester, I'm not seriously thinking of it, it just crosses my mind once in a while.