Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Boarding School Books

As I wrote the other day, I'm definitely not adverse to a good school-girl fantasy. In fact to be honest, fantasising about myself as a naughty (or well behaved but unfairly punished!) school girl was probably one of the first things I did fantasise about until I decided that it involved school girls it must be wrong. It took me some time to accept that fantasising about spanking actual children would of course be wrong, fantasising about myself in a school girl role being spanked did not mean I was some sort of perverted child abuser... (I know, that's pretty obvious to most normal people, but remember it took me a good 20 years to accept my kink!)
I think this is why books about school always fascinated me, especially ones about boarding school. The whole dynamic of being in a boarding school intrigued me, and I enjoyed many stories for what they were (though there was always an undercurrent of hoping that *something* might happen, something being some sort of punishment for a naughty pupil.)

At work the other day, under the guise of doing some research (i.e. work avoidance), I came across The Times education blog, which has various posts about things like the worst and best teachers in film, the best school TV shows, and the
25 best boarding school books. The post brought back some great memories, not least the number one, the Chalet School books, and also Trebizon, A Little Princess (wow, I loved that book), the Enid Blyton series, Boy, and also quite a few that I've never read, which I should maybe investigate. Mostly these are the school boy type books, which never appealed as a kid, but probably should have done, as they might have actually had some kinky action in them. One that I really should attempt to read is Catcher in the Rye. However, I was put off this for life by being forced to read Die neuen Leiden des jungen W, an intensely tedious German play, for A-Level German, where the protagonist loved Catcher in the Rye. I figured if he liked it, I certainly wasn't going to. It's probably time to change that though, and I think I will add the Adele Geras books, and Engelby by Sebastian Faulks to that list. Got any other recommendations for me?


PK said...

I think many of us have school punishment spankings ourselves because as our interest first developed about spanking that's where (the age most of us were). At that time we couldn't always imagine an adult being spanked. But I'm like you I alwasy worry that non-spanko will think we're child abusers if we admit that. But I do like a good boarding school story once and a while.


PK said...
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Indy said...

Thanks for this, Eliane! The writer of the list is absolutely right: Catcher in the Rye is not really a boarding school book. I remember reading it at about 12, finding the bad language titillating and not getting it at all. Then I read it at 17 and it made so much more sense. I wonder what I'd make of it now.