Monday 16 March 2009

Get Off The Phone!

So there I am, watching Antiques Roadshow, when the phone rings. I put the TV on mute, and started chatting to my mother. After about five minutes my attention is drawn back to the TV by what looks like suspiciously like two whips, or canes or something. Unfortunately my mother is still talking, and it really wouldn't be polite to say "Mum, please shut up for a couple of minutes while I watch the pervy stuff on Antiques Roadshow!"
I scrabbled round for the remote and managed to get the subtitles up in time to see then talking about the second item. It was worth it, as said item turns to be a polo whip. I've been to see a few polo matches, and always enjoyed them. There's something about fit men on horseback riding very fast which is rather yummy to watch. And now I can keep my eyes peeled for the whips as well.

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