Friday, 13 March 2009


So I had a bit of a revelation tonight. My scary thick cane which I've never had used before because looks too scary is actually not as bad as I thought... and certainly not as bad as the thinner one. I'm not saying I'll ever be a massive fan, but the sensation was not what I expected. Certainly it seems that thuddy works better for me than thin and whippy.
What doesn't work for me though, and I'm realising this more and more, is speed. I can't cope with spanking, or caning, too fast. My rather small little brain needs time to process the pain. I need my strokes spacing out.
It's always good to learn these things though, I'm finding. The more idea I have about how to make the most of my play, and enjoy it more, the happier I will be!


Indy said...

I am so with you on both thuddiness and speed. But does this mean that by the time I actually take a kinky trip to England you won't want to give me all your canes after all? :-(

Winchester said...

Whenw e were at school the accepted wisdom was that a swift caning (six in swift succession) was better to receieve than one where there was an interval between each stroke. The swift session meant that the sting burnt quite vividly and intensely, but was soon over and the afterglow was sooner coming. The wait between each stroke (favoured by some of the more sadistic caners) was to let the pain sink in, so that you were just getting to the point of accepting it when the next one fell!

Heavier, thuddier, canes left a longer and deeper bruising than the thinner springier, stingier, ones.

But the worst was when a caner could replicate the position of each stroke over and over again, and when one cut crossed another!