Tuesday 22 December 2009


I truly hate this snow. I was supposed to be having a play date tonight, and I needed it. I need the pain, I need the release, I need to submit. I've been having dark, un-Christmassy fantasies about canings, punishment, submission. More than submissions, or maybe less... about being restrained, used by someone at their leisure, flogged, strapped, anything that they want. I need that.
And it was on course to be happening as well. Until the stupid snow came. This winter wonderland in which I'm living doesn't allow for going anywhere. Even for real need, like lack of water. We have hills, we have snow, we have ice, we have no grit. So a little thing like spanking will most definitely not be happening! Which is a shame, because I need it.

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Master Retep said...

Oh poor neglected Eliane. If I could, I would. Here's hoping for a thaw - Happy Christmas.