Sunday 10 January 2010

How You Know Your Child Is A Perverted Little Spanko

Once upon a time there was a girl called Eliane. She was 12 at the time of our story. She read a book called "The Power Of Three", by Diana Wynne Jones. One of the main characters, Gair, gets into trouble for fighting with his cousin. His aunt wants him punished, and so we have the setting for a wonderfully atmospheric scene where Gair is waiting outside his father's room expecting to be punished. Grown up Eliane is a little sad she doesn't have the book to hand right now to quote from, as the scene continues with Gair being called into to his father's room, and made to stand facing the wall. He hears Gest, his father, removing his belt, lifting it above his head, and the whistle as it comes down.

And the thump as it hits the floor.

You see, Gest doesn't like Gair's aunt, and isn't about to take orders from her, so he refuses to punish Gair for real, but makes the sounds of a belting anyway to keep the peace in the family. This upsets Gair, as he feels that Gest, an acknowledged hero, is "cheating".

It certainly upset young Eliane, who was really getting worked up about this exciting scene, and was truly gutted to be cheated of the conclusion to it. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you know you have a spanko child on your hands: when, instead of being glad that the protagonist is treated justly, they are gutted to be deprived of the detail of an actual spanking. What a little pervert I was :-)


Master Retep said...

Was? Was??

Caroline Grey said...

Funny girl! I would have been just the same. Even worse, I have gone back and bought books that I clearly remember having multiple or highly detailed scenes of punishment, only to discover on re-reading as an adult that I must have entirely imagined them in. Completely fabricated memories. Usually only the briefest reference is actually in the text.

Haron said...

Oh god, I would have *loved* that as a kid. I always had guilt issues when a beloved character did get punished, so a cheat like this would have let me enjoy the build-up without a guilt trip about delighting at another's misfortune.

Of course, as an adult, I wish the boy got what was coming to him. Clearly, he wanted it.

Jessica said...

For me, it was 'Brownie Tales' by Enid Blyton, in the bit where they are in the Land of Clever People and they get sent to see The Spanker everyday for being stupid.

Incidentally, Uncle James read that to Jessica, Bex and Fliss last night, whilst Cousin Sebastian listened as well. We all really enjoyed it ;)

Unknown said...

I quite liked that Eliane. I had similar let downs while reading books as a kid.
I remember writing my own spanking essays to fill this void.
This fledgling pervert was not going to stop at anything.
...unfortunatly I destroyed them at some point in the past.


PK said...

I'm right there with you. I stole a book from the library (still have it) where a group of English children got in trouble and were punished. I read that thing to death! I was about 10 at the time and my love for reading about spankings hasn't changed - the stories are better now though!


Indy said...

Why would you consider yourself a pervert? The little menace had it coming and you simply wanted to see justice done! That's the problem with kids these days!

Oh, hell, I can't pull it off even if you can't see my face. I can think of at least four similar scenes from books I read as a child that somehow stayed with me. Like Haron, I was usually glad that the child got off. Perhaps the build-up was enough for me.

Alyx said...

Hmm, have to admit that as an adult I can't really get into children being punished. But I did get a tingle finding references to it when I was younger. *bg*

And yes, we perverts show our stripes early. ;)