Friday 1 January 2010

New Year's Eve Spanking

Well, I had my last ever "first" for 2009 - my first every New Year's Eve Spanking.
It happened thus, boys and girls (sorry, it just felt like a story-telling time of year):

I went to Sweet Torments fetish club with the delightful Jessica, Rebecca and Scarlett, and Jessica's HWMBO and Rebecca's Boy Interest. I had intended to wear my corset, but I was feeling pretty rubbish, so I just opted for a dress instead. I was surrounded by a sexy school girl, a girl in a pretty corset and one in a nightdress (the sexy kind, not the floor length kind) and two gentlemen in tuxes and leather trousers, so we had quite a nice variety of outfits.
We spent the early part of the evening playing a challenge game with the dice of evil, which seemed to result in me being upended over bits of furniture and beaten with things about the same amount as Jessica, but rather more than Rebecca and Scarlett, who the dice favoured. Or didn't, I suppose, depending on your take on things! That being said, Scarlett managed to get herself upended a few times without the dice (for throwing breadsticks and hitting people with crops, as I recall). There were also some utterly fabulous knickers on display - my frilly La Senza ones, Rebecca's tutu like ones, and Scarlett's ones with diamante bits among others.

So, midnight approached and it was time for the traditional Sweet Torments Spank Down from 60 to the New Year. We ended up with the four girls lined up bent over the table, and the gentlemen spanking along the line as twelve approached. We then ended up in a big hug circle, but unfortunately HWMBO and R's BI realised they were hugging each other, freaked out, and swapped placed before we started passing a kiss round the circle (to the tune of Eidelweiss. Don't ask.) This was a shame, as seeing those two kissing each other, even only chastely on the cheek, would have made my 2010 before it had barely started!

So there we go, my first ever New Year's Eve spanking. I hope the your NYE celebrations (or non-celebrations) were as sober/fun/drunk/quiet as you wanted. Happy New Year to everyone!


Paul said...

Eliane, mine was quiet, yours sounds like fun.
Have a wonderful new year.
Warm hugs,

Rebecca said...

Ha ha twas a muchly fun night and am
so glad you made it out - and looked
fabulous in the frilly knickers :-)

ronnie said...

Happy New Year Elaine. Sounds like you had an excellent New Years Eve.


EmmaJane said...

Happy New Year hon, sounds like a fun night :)


Haron said...

What, no hot HWMBO/BoyInterest action? Booooo. Oh well. :)

Jessica said...

I think we should get some biscuits in for next week - you never know, Mr Brown and Mr S might want to cosy up after their new year in a dodgy club...

Scarlett De Winter said...

I didn't *throw* the breadsticks, it was an accident! T'was a wonderful new year and a fabby group of people to spend it with.

Indy said...

Mija has a great post on her blog, some time ago, about Ian the London Tanner absently fondling the apparently hairless leg of Headmaster Tony at a Shadow Lane suite party. This sounds rather similar!

Happy New Year!

Alyx said...

What a great recounting of your New Year's. Thanks for letting me vicariously experience a visit to a fetish club. *bg* May the coming year be filled with all sorts of exciting firsts for you! :)