Tuesday 12 January 2010


In general, I want to be able to take a spanking (assume with or without implements!) when I'm receiving it. There are exceptions to this rule. If I'm in a particularly obstinate place in my head, either as me, or in role, then I may not want to get through the spanking. That's the exception rather than the rule, though. My normal aim is to submit to whatever is happening to me as best as possible. I'm fundamentally a good girl, and I normally want to be seen as such.

There are certain things that have to happen for me to be able to take the spanking in an "appropriate" manner (that is without moving too much, making an overdue amount of noise or swearing). One of them is comfort. It's the age old adage that the rest of you has to be comfortable so you can focus on what's happening to your rear end. It's cliched, but for me it's very true. If I'm having to focus on dealing with pain from the position I'm in, I'm less able to focus on processing the pain being inflicted on me in other ways.

The other main factor is pace. I can't deal with fast. Just can't. Not in any way. I need time to process the strokes, and too many raining down at once basically makes me go into some sort of sensory overload, pain wise. This is especially true with canes. I know, though, that for a lot of people, the prefer fast. If they are getting 12 strokes with the cane they'd much rather get them over and done with quickly than have to cope with each stroke individually. Not me. Slow please! What's your preference?


Indy said...

When I'm playing with a new top for the first time, I always tell them I have a lot more trouble with fast than hard. I'm amazed at the number who seem puzzled by that, as if they've never heard of it before. Surely it's not THAT rare a preference!

Alyx said...

Fast is definitely tougher to take. I've noticed that when I have trouble "getting through" to a young woman over my knee, speeding up will always accomplish that. *g* (But as a general rule I go slow...it lasts longer! ;)

Jessica said...

I prefer it slow (in lots of things!) but I like time to process the pain. I look forward to the halfway stage though!

Caroline Grey said...

Faster seems more "real" and its certainly Frank's preference, though he sometimes takes requests. :)

I enjoy fast and not-too-hard over super-slow and methodical. But fast and a heavy hairbrush and you have to scrape me off the ceiling. And yes, definately slow with the cane.

Nick said...

I like it to be nice and hard, with a fairly slow pace as well. When I am being disciplined, I do like the Top to give me an occasional volley of very hard, fast swats to remind me that the spanking is for real, not for fun.