Thursday 9 October 2008

Harry Potter Theme Park

I am proud to admit that I'm a massive fan of the Harry Potter books. Yes, I am well aware they are not great literature, but they are bloody good stories, and anyone who disagrees with me can go and bathe in the products of a potions class! Whenever the latest book came out it had to be read as soon as possible, and as a consequence I missed work, was late to a friend's evening wedding party, and at least twice spent 8 hours solid doing nothing but reading. So imagine my excitement last year when I found out that they would be opening a Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios.

And I'm sure I'm not the only spanko Harry Potter fan who is secretly hoping that in the lovely castle part of the theme park, there will be a secret Hogwarts spanking chamber...?

Oh, it was just me then...!

The photo is undoubtedly copywrite of Warner Brothers, Universal etc. etc.


Paul said...
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Paul said...

Eliane PK has just posted a couple of HP fan fics writen by a friend of mine, you will find them here.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Seems unlikely you’re alone in that part of the castle, Eliane. There are quite a number of drawings, some rather well done, of Harry Potter characters receiving spankings residing among the growing thousands of others at AnimeOTK. This one,

for example, turned up on the third page of a quick search of the word ‘potter,’ and there were surely many more pages beyond. (To see the images full-size requires registration, which is free, and enabling of cookies – which is downright annoying – but the content of the site is worth the visit.) From the looks of many of the drawings, though, I’d say the artists have taken their inspiration from the flicks rather than the books.

Anonymous said...

Eliane, that's Snape's dungeon though, isn't it?

George said...

Do you want me to wear specs next time?

PK said...

What is great literature? I believe any book that is devoured by millions and has me seeing students actually reading is great literature!

When the last two books came out I actually rented a hotel room in the mountains near us and went alone to read for the entire weekend so I could finish the book before someone told me about it.

Let me second Paul's invitation to come by and read the fan fiction Paul's friend wrote.


Abel1234 said...

I wonder which attraction will have the longer queues: the "Cane Hermione Room", or "the Be Caned by Snape Experience"?