Friday, 17 October 2008

It's For The Bath...!

George wandered into my bathroom the other day, and I heard this excited little squeal. He came out with a smile on his face and a glint in his eye clutching my bath brush. Given my dislike of all things wooden, I was not impressed by this turn of events.
"I like your bath brush!" he said with that evil glint still there.
"Yes, I use it in the bath, now put it back!"
"Come, on just one..." he wheedled, a little like a small child who wasn't being allowed to play on the swings.
So I bent over, took a swat with the thing and whinged for about 3 minutes.
"Well, you shouldn't leave these things lying around" he countered.

It's my bath brush. That I use in the bath. Which is in the bathroom. Where else am I supposed to leave the stupid thing? It's not my fault some people can't leave well enough alone...!


Paul said...

Eliane, thank you, I had a full but wonderful day.
Well a Dom's gotta do what a Dom's gotta do, and bath-brushes are very tempting, it's the heft, Mel didn't like them either.
Warm hugs,

George said...

Look, you're the one that showed me your new wooden spoons. It's not like I ask to look in your kitchen drawers is it? The best item in your bathroom is the wooden towel rail / whipping bench....

Eliane said...

It's only a whipping bench in your twisted and sordid imagination. In real life it's a towel rail which I'm sure wouldn't take my weight for more than about 10 seconds.

Though the idea does have a certain appeal ;-)

Robin said...

ooh, the dreaded bath brush. Have yet to hear of a spankee who actually likes this.
I bought one and regretted it the moment DH used it on me. Haven't seen it in a while -- but I believe it's somewhere in his bedside table.