Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Tidying Up The Toys

I'm sitting in the hell hole that is Heathrow Terminal 2 off on a very boring business trip, but things are looking up now that I've got out my new “Porn Book” (an Acer Aspire One Netbook), cute, tiny, and a joy to the heart of a gadget freak like me. My new toy means I can write kinky stuff to my heart's content, even while on boring business trips, without risking getting the sack for having dodgy material on my laptop.
Leaving the house today was interesting. I'm very lucky in that I live close to my mother, who is a wonderful woman, and will often come and clean for me if I'm away, as she knows how busy I am. (And, let's be honest, how truly lazy when it comes to housework!) She is generally pretty good at just moving the rubbish to clean round it, and not looking in the cupboards, but it does mean that I have to be a lot more careful since I let my inner kinky girl out to play. So today, before leaving the house, I had to do one more scout round. Cane, tawse and crop hidden in a cupboard, rather than on the sofa, chair, and ottoman respectively. Spanking porn strewn all over the bed stuffed in the bottom of the wardrobe, vibrators hidden back in the underwear drawer... Hopefully I've remembered everything, but it's just become so much a part of who I am that I sometimes don't 'see' the naughty stuff any more. Ah well. It could be worse, I could have to tidy up more often. The good thing about being out practically every night of the week is that nobody bothers coming to visit, as I'm never in, so I can keep the place as messy as I want generally! It just means that when I do have to tidy for vanilla eyes, I have to be extra careful.


MacGirl said...

I'm still in the newbie stage enough to always hide all my stuff even if I am alone lol! Although I have a house mate who I think would be pretty cool with everything I still hide stuff! I got an order online and it came in discreet packaging and as soon as it came I hid it away (still in its plain brown box) under my bed lol! I hope one day I am confident enough to leave stuff out like you do!

Macgirl xx

PK said...

We got more relaxed and careless this summer while our daughter Mollie was away. We have often laughted about spending the first part of our lives hiding things from our parents and the last part hiding them from our kids! I guess it never ends. We are pretty good about puting everything back in the toy box. Although sometimes Mollie walks in and sees a belt lying on the bed and I tend to panic! LOL!


Eliane said...

Mac Girl - It's not so much that I'm confident, more that most people don't bother to visit without calling as the chances of me being in are slim...!
PK, I think you are probably OK with the belt on the bed, only "one of us" might think anything strange in that! Leaving a wooden spoon on the bed might be an entirely different matter though!

Anonymous said...

lol, if a wooden spoon is left on the bed can tell them one of two things - 1. I am going to do a craft with it (I do lots of them)
2, THought I would see if I could spread sheets with it, lol