Wednesday 8 October 2008


I'm wondering whether buying 12 pairs of knickers (and not in the cheap five packs from Marks and Spencer) could be considered to be excessive? Usually buying too many books is one of my favourite shopping vices, but I seem to have got carried away and bought rather too many knickers this trip, instead of books. Ah well, all to the good, knickers are much lighter to carry home!


Anonymous said...

To paraphrase an old Chinese proverb, “A book, tight shut, is but a block of paper, but a pair of knickers are still no protection at all.” Or, as author Sam Levenson didn’t say, “Any girl who has a houseful of books and a strict disciplinarian is in for some interesting evenings!” Either way, there may just end up being more of a story in some of those knickers than in some of those books. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Knickers are good. I buy knickers as a substitute for naughty foods. "Hey, I need a treat... oh, I know, knickers!" Nobody has ever complained that I have too many.

Anonymous said...

If I didn't like Haron so much I'd complain that she has too many knickers, now. But I won't.

And I don't think there's anything wrong with buying knickers. You're actually being really good and saving the environment, because the more knickers you buy, the less washing you'll have to do :D Maybe you should buy more, and try to cancel out your plane journey?

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Funny you should say that. The more I'm spanked the more I find myself searching out new knickers for my man to find as he lifts my dress/lowers my jeans. Still there are worse things on which to spend money:)
love your blog btw

OliviaManners said...

Knicker purchasing consumes about 90% of my earnings ;-)

There are so many pretty knickers around!

The aesthetics of this can be spoiled of course when I have *had* to wear more than one pair at once for being naughty :(


Paul said...

Eliane, I was thinking, does your spanker confiscate them every time he spanks you.
Warm hugs,

Eliane said...

Smudge makes a very good point - by buying knickers rather than books, I'm adding less weight to the aeroplane and therefore reducing my carbon footprint. Glad you all see the joys of knickers though :-)

And Paul, please stop giving people ideas!!

George said...

You are wasting your money on knickers, young lady. Why not buy tubs of arnica instead?

Eliane said...

Yeah, because *someone* keeps losing my arnica down the side of the sofa!