Tuesday 21 October 2008

Tight vs Stockings - the next round

I can be a little absent-minded. I'm dyslexic and have a poor short term memory, so that's what gets blamed for all episodes of absent-minded idiocy. It's an excuse that's done me proud since I was 12 and I will be sticking to it, thank you very much. Anyway, I've discovered one major flaw with stockings when you are a little, um, "dizzy".

I'm putting on my stockings in the morning, right leg is on, and then I get distracted by some thought of something, who knows what, not important. Anyway, I get up to deal with said random thought, and put left stocking down somewhere. I only live in a two bed flat, so there's not that many places where it could be, but anyone who knows me will tell you it's a very messy two bed flat (G, don't even THINK of agreeing with me here, lol!).

It took my 10 solid minutes of looking to find stocking number two. Making me even later than I already was.

This is where tights get their own back. If I put one leg on and get distracted, the other leg is still flapping around. It can't get lost. This is a good thing for simple minded souls like me. I don't need to have a 10 minute battle with my memory and messiness.

So the current score, Tights 1, Stockings 1.


The Headmaster said...

I can recommend a cure for such absent-mindedness, my dear!

Paul said...

Eliane I also know a cure probably similar to the fist commenter.
My girl never wore one of those things.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! I know! You can buy, like, Christmas stockings. That sing and have flashing lights and bits of glitter! You wouldn't lose them!

Eliane said...

No, I wouldn't lose them. However, I would look pretty stupid, and get laughed at a lot!

George said...

Wear socks

Anonymous said...

But she'd still have two of them, wouldn't she? Some people are so *unhelpful*. Not like me :D

Irelynn said...

Hehe, I *love* stockings and I hate tights. That's because I seem to have longer legs than every single pair or tights I bought was made for. With stockings you don't have this problem. Though last time I put stockings on, one kept falling down. Hmpf.

Angie said...

It's always nice to have an excuse, isn't it? Mine is OCD, so best of luck with you.

oh, and I prefer tights as well.

And it could have been worse, you might not have noticed you only had one on till you left the house.