Sunday, 12 October 2008

Trying New Things

When a girl discovers she's kinky, she starts to try lots of new things. Some are obvious: being spanked for the first time, being tawsed for the first time, being caned for the first time... you get the picture. Some new things are slightly less obvious, and also slightly less kinky. I wore stockings for the first time today. I'm a bit of a girlie girl, so I wear a lot of skirts, but I've always, always, worn them with tights. Until I started exploring my kink, I had never even thought about wearing stockings. After all, when you are wandering around Boots, or Asda or wherever, and think, ooo I need new hosiery, it's always tights sitting on the shelves.
Of course, there is a problem with tights. I HATE wearing them. A lot. So when I suddenly realised that stockings weren't just part of wedding day underwear and there are lots of people out there who wear them*every day*, I thought I might try them as an alternative to tights, on the basis that the less yucky nylon there is touching my skin, the better.
And the verdict? Yes, stockings are good. Much nicer than tights, slightly more of a faff to put on, but it also makes you feel very sexy knowing you are wearing stockings instead of tights. It's that nice feeling of knowing "I've got something on under my dress that you don't know about", a bit like cane marks. Well, not really, but you get my drift. So the score? Stockings 1, Tights 0


Anonymous said...

Odd, isn't it, how the things that were considered so pioneering and liberating in the past are viewed now as quaint or downright vexing? Pixie's, current post deals with resurrecting a 'vintage' tennis style, complete with ruffled knickers which she rightly assumed to be intended to thrill male on-lookers. Of course, originally, Gussie Moran mainly intended them to be a protest of the strict prohibition against coloured togs and the maintenance of a straight-laced appearance.

Tights (a.k.a. pantyhose on this side of the puddle), when they first appeared, were hailed as the great liberators of women, allowing them to wear the short (mini) skirts also just coming in at that time without being obliged to reveal their garters, etc. Who knows? With the rate at which young girls - over here at least - seem to be migrating toward bike shorts under skirts, someday a young lady might get an equal thrill from actually wearing knickers instead, and no one will even suspect.

You're right, Eliane, in your estimation of what qualifies as "kink." Given the passage of sufficient time and the change of custom, many things once considered something to disdain or avoid (corsets, bustiers, spankings) become instead a source of that certain, special thrill. Naturally, the improvements rendered by technology and the inclusion of choice certainly doesn't hurt the allure.

Paul said...

Eliane, I hate tights always have.
My girl wasn't allowed to wear panties and didn't need a bra, but stockings, oh yes.
Warm hugs,

Abel1234 said...

Nice post.

You write that: 'It's that nice feeling of knowing "I've got something on under my dress that you don't know about"'. Surely it would be even hotter if the feeling was "I've *not* got something on under my dress", with a girl told not to wear knickers after having been caned?

Eliane said...

Abel! No knickers?! That's just naughty!!