Friday, 3 October 2008

How Long Can You Last

How long can you last without a spanking? For those of you who live with the person who spanks you, this may not be a question you have to deal with very often. For those of us who have to make time to meet up with the person who spanks us, it can be a slightly more vexed issue. I'm writing this sitting in another airport on my way to another country, and lamenting the fact that it's now been a week since I was last spanked. I'm learning that a week is about my limit. For about a week after I've been spanked, I'm satisfied, and while it's on my mind (it always is!) I'm not getting obsessed, Leave it much more than a week, though, and I get antsy, obsessed, annoyed, and generally in great need of having my bottom warmed. The real annoyance at the moment is that I know it's not going to happen for ages. Work and life are combining at the moment to mean it's probably going to be close to the end of October when I'm free, let alone trying to match diaries. It's not that I don't want to be doing all the other stuff that I'm doing, I do, just I want to get a spanking in there as well. So I'm sitting here, knowing the spanking cravings are going to be hitting sometime soon, and knowing that I can't do a damn thing about them for at least three weeks. ARGH!


George said...

You think you've got problems. My hand is getting itchy. I would also like to point out MY diary isn't the problem.


Chromia said...

You can always blog about them. :p
... sometimes it wondering how long you can last before another spanking is an issue even when you live with someone who spanks you. Just because you want a spanking doesn't mean the other person wants to give you one! In fact, in my life, sometimes that's a reason to not get a spanking. :(

Eliane said...

Yes George, I know it's me with the diary issues, no need to rub it it... and I've heard E45 cream is good for itchy hands.
Ofia, thank you for reassuring me that you guys have to wait sometimes as well.. if only guys could read minds!

George said...


I could always give you Sir Richard Windsor's email address. He's a friend and an A1 spanker based in NY. Alternatively I could play on your need for a spanking to my own advantage. Mmmmm, tough choice.


Robin said...

Unfortunately, as long as I have to. As Ofia says, it's not up to me. If the spanker is really not in the mood... then I wait, and wait. And the travelling DH does can often extend the wait. If I had my way, it'd be at least once a week for a really "good" spanking.

Em said...

I've found my ultimate limit is around 3 months. After that I basically go insane ;)