Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The journey to work

I quite enjoy my journey to work. It takes about 30 minutes. I live in a beautiful part of the world, and the route I take enables me to see some of it, rather than being stuck in a jam. One section has particular appeal for me though.

Come with me on my journey, and you'll see why. I leave my house and head towards the motorway. Often the sky is populated with Red Kites (the birds, not actual red kites) wheeling and gliding overhead. They really are beautiful birds to watch in flight, seeing how they glide on the eddies of wind and thermals always fascinates me, and makes my heart soar just a little bit as well, corny though that is.

I reach the motorway, and it's a good morning. The traffic is moving freely, and I get to open the car up for a couple of minutes and just put my foot down (only a little bit over the speed limit, I promise...!)

I'm only on the motorway for about 10 minutes until I come off and take the back roads to the town where I work. Now this is the interesting bit. The back road is basically straight through a large area of woodland. Well, not straight through, as in over the trees and things, that would just be wrong. It's a beautiful drive on any morning, though sometimes a little scary in winter, and the roads are narrow and windy. Apart from the joy it brings to my heart to drive such a beautiful route every morning, there is another reason why I like this particular part of the route so much: the woodland is full of birch trees!!

I seem to be developing this strange fascination with birching, and I really don't know why... it's not as if I like canes, so why on earth would a birch be any different? But somewhere, in the back of my sick little mind, the idea of being tied down and birched pushes all my kinky buttons. Which makes the drive to work through three miles of birch trees somewhat distracting. I often arrive with a big grin on my face though...!


Indy said...

Birching? This is one fascination I just don't get, though I would be willing to try other punishments that sound almost as bad. I guess I didn't read enough Victorian flagellation literature at an impressionable age...

Kami Robertson said...

That's just right.

Driving over the speed limits straight into the woodland :)

Ande some people have so much trouble to drag a girl to the place of her punishment...some come willingly :P

Btw - Canes are nothing like birches - they are MUCH better...or worse, depend on how you look at it ;)

Lil Sam said...

Just stopping by to say hi, saw you listed on MBS blog, enjoyed your posts
I sure would enjoy your drive to work,it sounds absolutly beautiful
Lil Sam

Eliane said...

Indy, believe me, I don't know why I'm fascinated either... though growing up in a town surrounded by birch trees probably didn't help!

Kami, um, I hadn't quite thought about it like that - driving to my punishment... lol. Though i was actually once threatened with being birched in those woods, so you never know!

Hi Lil Sam, welcome! And yes, my journey to work *is* beautiful. Until I actuall get to work that is ;-)

Jean said...

Love how u describe your journey to work. Thanks for telling it so well