Thursday 19 March 2009

The Most Evil Implement Ever?

Is this the most evil implement ever? Probably not, no... some variation on a cane would probably win that. This one might well win the most evil leather implement category though. I like thuddy, but this one feels like you've been thumped.... ouch!


Winchester said...

Not an implement that you wuold probably count in that it was only ever for total punishment - not for domestic spanking: but probably the most evil ever was the Roman sciourge, with nails knottedin to its length - and a possible runner up he Naval Cat-o-nine-tails. That said, the leather carpet beater does lok as if it could deliver quite a blow!

abby williams said...

Hi Eliane!

I have never seen a leather carpet beater before. How compelling! I want one for my wall, but not for my backside, I must admit. We have a rattan one, and I find it to be a confusing sensation. I like to be able to ride the pain, and it's just too inconsistent and all over the place. Wherever did you find a leather one?

Having never been scourged (thank goodness!!!), I will agree that the cane is the most painful of non-torture or naval-punishment related implements.

Best wishes,

Eliane said...

Abby, it's not mine (thank goodness). It belongs to "friends". I may be reviewing the definition of the word based on how evil the damn thing is! Anyway, I will ask them where they got it from and report back.

Abel1234 said...