Monday, 23 March 2009

My Bottom

I happened to be walking passed the mirror yesterday as I was in the middle of getting dressed, and I caught sight of my bottom. Now, I'm not really one for liking any part of my body, but I stopped for a minute to look, and an odd thought went through my head... "I've got quite a nice bum". I nearly fell over in surprise as this unexpected thought, but then I looked again and tried to be objective. Yes, the rest of me isn't great, but my bum itself is not too bad. It seems to be quite pleasingly bum shaped, it sticks out a nice amount, not too much and not too little. It has a nice curve back under, it's well proportioned. It was framed nicely as I looked at it in my Dizzy Mare knickers (very appropriate) and a suspender belt. So what to do with this revelation? Well, maybe, just maybe, as I walk along this morning, I might give my bum a little wiggle of pride and feel a little better about the world. Here's to bottoms.


Al said...

Here's to bottoms! And yours in particular ;-)

Anonymous said...

Here's to bottoms' bottoms.

Master Retep

Winchester said...

Celebrate your bottom - be proud of it! Glad you like its shape - it sounds the ideal spanking bottom!