Friday, 13 March 2009

Red Bums for Red Nose Day

Today is Red Nose Day in the United Kingdom. Red Nose Day is a fundraising day for Comic Relief that happens every two years. If you are not from the UK, feel free to go and read more about Comic Relief here.

There are always all sorts of suggestions about what events should take place, and there are various silly things going on in work places around the country. One of the tings that often happens is that people wear red noses. Now I don't like red noses, but last night's caning prompted me to think of other bits of me that could be red! It's a bit late for this year, but I think for the next Red Nose Day in two years time, I might have a sponsored Red Bottom day instead, and get sponsored per smack ;-) Maybe we should make it a national spanko thing. So instead of red noses, a whole group of us could walk round with red bottoms! Right, enough of the kinky musings. Time for work.


Jay Walker said...

I think I'll join you Elaine.
I have a red bottom today as well.
Much better than wearing PJ's to work or selling cakes.
Hugs, Jay

Winchester said...

A great idea, and it might appeal to quite a few" But you would need to work out the sponsorship quite carefully - some might take a sadistic pleasure in having you beaten black and blue, not pleasurably red. Pixie (Amber Pixie Wells) discovered that when she first accepted a sponsored spanking through her blog!

submat said...

Got a good hard spanking today from my girlfriend still very sore will have to donate a £ for to comic relief everytime that I get put over her knee