Sunday, 8 March 2009


I seem to be dreaming an awful lot about school at the moment. As in my school, that I went to. And left, fourteen years ago. (Ouch, am I really *that* old...? It seems so). I generally don't seem to dream that I'm back there as a pupil, but rather back visiting for some reason. Now I will freely admit that the whole "adult schoolgirl" thing turns me on, but there's nothing remotely kinky about these dreams. In fact they are probably even less kinky than the possibilities that my somewhat old-fashioned and traditional school may have had seeped in its walls. In the last dream I spent a lot of time in the prefects common room chatting to people about a new school uniform. In the previous one I attended the leavers' service in the local church... and quite frankly that dream was about as boring as the leavers' service used to be in reality.

So why all the very boring non-kinky school dreams? I blame Facebook to be honest. Getting back in touch with old school mates must be warping my mind. I really do wish that it would warp it in a kinky way though!


Anonymous said...

Facebook? Nothing to do with the fancy dress party we attended last month where adult schools were occasionally the topic of conversation? Hmmmmm....

cath xxx

Eliane said...

You may have a point, but surely if that was the case, I would have actually had exciting, kinky dreams, not really boring ones. It's really not very fair!