Thursday, 23 October 2008

How long have you 'known' you were a spanko?

As usual, I'm curious. This is a pretty much a constant state for me when it comes to spanking. I have always been a spanko. Of course, when I was eight or nine, and rereading those little snippets in books which dealt with someone being spanked, I didn't *know* that's what I was. And later on, when I realised what it was that I liked, I didn't want to admit that's what I was, but now, with the benefit of age (I would say wisdom, but we all know that's a lie), I can look back and realise that in fact, yes, I've been in to spanking pretty much all my life. I'm a spanko. This is part of who I am, always has been, probably always will be.

Is it the same for you guys, or are there people who have never considered this until someone introduced them to it in adulthood?


Paul said...

Elaine, yes I too have always been a spanko, I believe it's hardwired.
I think that we are a begger club than many would accept.
Warm hugs,

Irelynn said...

It's a bit of a different story for me. I have always known there was something about pain that both attracted and horrified me. The thought of being punished intrigued me. But it wasn't until about a year ago that I realised it was *spanking* I'm interested in. I started off thinking it was s&m that I liked, and I guess I still like certain aspects of s&m as well as spanking, but it took me a while to figure out spanking was my main interest.

So yes, I've always known I was kinky. Just not that it was spanking that I wanted more than other kinky things.

Em said...

I think I was about 5 (though my memory's a bit fuzzy about the actual age so it could have been a year or two younger) when I figured it out.

George said...

I'm with Em. I have very early memories of thinking about spanking whilst there was nothing in my childhood to trigger it apart from the mild threat at school and home of being spanked.

When I reached adulthood (about a year ago) I realised how important it was to have spanking partners and that I got a great deal of pleasure from mentoring women.

Then Eliane turned up....

Eliane said...

And you no longer get any pleasure out of it?! ;-)

Abel1234 said...

I've been fascinated by it since I was at nursery school. Really: my parents went to find out about the nun with the cane I'd been talking about, and were quite relieved to find it was her walking stick.

The fascination continued - but I don't think I realised there was such a thing as a 'spanko' until my mid-20s. Hey ho, making up for lost time!

Anonymous said...

For me it seems to have been from the beginning, at the age of 8 I got the neighborgirl to spank me hard and got the first endorphinekick, like You I also read and reread all about spankings. And I need it like a vitamin to keep in a good mood.

Alyx said...

(As you can see, working my way through the older posts. Great blog you have here!)

Like many spankos, I was interested from an early age, though didn't at the time realize what the interest was. My kindergarten teacher used to administer "birthday spankings" (terrible Yank custom), and the thought horrified me. Even at the age of 6 or so I somehow knew I couldn't allow myself to be so vulnerable in front of all the other children, and refused to go to school on my birthday.

My poor confused mother had to come to school and make the teacher promise she would not spank me. The teacher was confused too: "But...why not? It doesn't hurt." Yes, they were only pats, but to be OTK like that?!? Obviously my very young self knew it was private and embarrassing and somehow slightly sexual and just plain WRONG to participate in!

Of course, *cough* as an adult the thought of being OTK in front of an audience has provided many nice fantasies. ;)