Saturday 10 January 2009

Assume the Position

I take private singing lessons and I do wonder whether my teacher is "one of us" or at least kinky in some way. It doesn't help that she starts every lesson by telling me to "assume the position". (Which, for those dirty minds out there, is standing in front of the mirror getting ready to do warm up exercises!) One of these days I'll forget where I am and bend over ;-)


Anonymous said...

Oooh! You've reminded me to get singing lessons, yay! Ta muchly, darling.

I hate rehearsing or warming up in mirrors. Hate hate hate. 'Specially for Cabaret. I keep stopping halfway through and going "but I look like a hooker!" Which is, of course, the point. Grr.

Eliane said...

I hate it too... I will just avoid looking at myself, and my singing teacher keeps going - "but that's the point!!". Huh. Silly warmups. I'm sure I wouldn't trash my voice THAT much if I didn't warm up..!

Jean said...

Well if you ever forget and bend over, can always say you are practicing bowing before and audience.


Winchester said...

LOL Eliane
I think it might go with the territory
Long ago when I was at college our singing/speech teacher used to say to our al male class at the start of each session "No gentlemen, I want you to exercise your organs!"

(ZShe then used tp make us lie on the floor to relax totally and the would step all around and over us to ensire that all our limbs were relaxed!