Saturday, 24 January 2009

Ranting and Raving

What I really want to do: Have a temper tantrum, rant, scream, throw things, and so on. Just for a few minutes be righteously indignant, have it acknowledged that I have a point.
But I won't. Because that's not what I do.
Which is a shame, because I imagine it would make me feel a damn sight better.


Winchester said...

You should do just that: it works. In particular, if you have a person in mind who had caused you to want to rant and rave, imagine their face in the corner of the room, and smash as hard as you can a cup or mug against it. At Uni I had a suply of cheap cups for that purpose when friends called to rant and rave about someone! It always worked.

And, if iot is not someone, just try, when you really want to rant and rave, snapping a stick (could even be a pencil) - something I was taught by peers at my junior school! - you will fins that he rage has gone out of you by that simple action!

Irelynn said...

Oi! If you want to rant and rave and scream at someone, you can always call me. I'm good at listening and I don't take things personally. I'm afraid you can't throw things at me over the phone, but hey, you could always throw cushions at the phone?

Anonymous said...

yeah it would probaly make you feel a alot better! I do that sometimes when I'm stressed, or screaming into a pillow helps lol