Friday, 2 January 2009

New Years Eve Party

Well, the party went very well, despite my stressing about the cooking and cleaning. I cooked lots of yummy goodies (quite a lot of them from Delia Smith's How To Cheat At Cooking, don't sneer please, it's a fabulous book!) Among other things I did Spanakopita, a) because I like them and b) because they always make me snicker because drop that second a and you have spankopita!
I successfully managed to dekink the place, apart from one Spank Me decoration I left at the back of the tree. I even (and this was quite impressive I feel in my postage stamp sized flat that was filled with 8 people) managed to drag my dear friend Porn Star off to my bedroom to show her the collection of implements stashed in the wardrobe, and the decorations that had been removed from the tree. She blanched a bit at the cane. Can't think why!! There were also several moments when comments were made that if your mind is of a dirty persuasion (as is mine) that were very funny, and every time someone said something along those lines, I could feel Porn Star's eyes on me as I was trying not to laugh!
So all in all, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves lots, and it was a lovely way to ring in the New Year, even if there wasn't any spanking to count down to midnight!


The Headmaster said...

One can't have everything.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year,

That's awesome the party turned out so well.