Monday 5 January 2009

Pride And Prejudice Spanking

Flicking through the TV channels I can across Pride And Prejudice. The sublime 1995 BBC version, complete with wet shirted Colin Firth, of course, not the more recent film adaptation where Donald Sutherland's scary, shiny white teeth took a starring role.
In the way that it seems to do constantly this last few months, my mind turned to spanking, and more specifically which Bennet sister most deserves to be spanked? Is it Lydia, by far the naughtiest of the five? Kitty, for being so empty headed and easily led? Mary, for lets being frank, such an utter bore, Jane for just being too nice and never seeing the bad in people, or everyone's favourite sister, Lizzy? Or possibly it could be the Bingley sisters, for being, to not put too fine a point on it, snobby b*****s. (I do realise my readings of characters here are somewhat shallow..!)
I'm not a top, but putting myself in a tops shoes, I certainly think that, if not most deserving of a spanking, Lizzy Bennet would be by far the most fun to spank. She is sparky, intelligent, lively, playful and impertinent. In the nicest possible way, a brat! What's not for a spanker to like?!


Indy said...

That 1995 BBC version really is wonderful. I had to wait till 1996, but it was almost like Christmas Eve as a kid to wait for the next episode to be shown.

Definitely Lizzie. The rest would be far too boring.
OTOH, do you think Mr and Mrs Bennett ever have any unseemly fun in the privacy of their bedroom? That's an awful lot of kids to conceive lying back and thinking of England...

Winchester said...

You are probably right about Lizzie - for fun - but if giving comeuppance is what is needed, surely the Bingley Sisters - both of them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eliane:
The Colin Firth Version is by far the best version of Pride and Prejudice ever. I guess if you were going to pick which one to spank, why not spank them all? You actually had excellent reasons for spanking each one. I am sure back in those days they were probably spanked anyway don't you think? Why was that never written about? Just a thought.
BTW I sent you your recipe today.
Take Care
Andrades Girl

Eliane said...

Lol, good answers all!
Indy, I don't reckon the Bennet parents indulged in anything fun - I think the five kids thing was just because they were trying to get one of the "correct" sex. I mean, really, can you imagine - Mrs Bennet in bed?! If I were Mr B I'd have the 19th Centuary equivalent of earplugs in every night!

Serenity Everton said...

I agree the Bingley sisters *need* it most, Lydia deserves it, and Lizzie would be the most fun.

But, you know, I kind think Mary might blossom under the strict, attentive care of a supervising husband. In the best sense, of course.


Abel1234 said...

Why restrict the choice to *one* of the daughters of the house?

You now have me thinking about all of them lined up in a row, bending over the side of the bed, waiting for Mr Bennet to enter the room with the switches he'd been out to cut...