Sunday, 25 January 2009

Bottom Survey

In a corner of the Times a few weeks ago, I saw a survey, done by Andrex, on what people really think of their bottoms. I wonder what the results would be if the survey was targeted at this blog's readers rather than the general public...

73% of women hate their bottoms apparently. I'm no longer in that 73%. I now just don't like mine very much, rather than actively hating it.

56% of men prefer round, peachy bottoms to flat ones... I imagine if a bunch of spankers took the same poll that percentage would be considerably higher: round, peachy bottoms having more for a top to get his teeth into, so to speak.

54% of people won't look at their bottoms in the mirror. Well, I don't know about you but I LOVE looking at my bottom in the mirror after I've been spanked, or even better, caned. (I can't stand getting the tramlines, but boy do I love looking at them afterwards. Maybe I should just paint them on, save the hassle).

Lastly, only 39% of women don't mind having their bottom pinched. The person who commented on the poll said: "Who on earth are the one in four women who like having their posterior pinched? Be kind to my behind, please, and no touching."

My first comment would be that someone should be spanked for poor arithmetic. 39% does NOT equal 1 in 4. Try 1 in 3, or better still 1 in 2.5, my dear. The second comment would be: no touching?? Seriously, that's what bottoms were designed for!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well I don't *hate* my bottom. I just wish it wasn't so skinny. Can we have a new word that's a wee bit less than hate?

And why does that woman not want her bottom touched? Like, ever? At all? Weirdo...