Saturday, 30 May 2009


No, not clubbing seals to death, and not dancing the night away variety... more spanking the night away. Or maybe not.
I'm going to my first ever Fetish Club night. I've never done it before, not sure it's going to be my thing, but then I wasn't sure that being spanked with someone else there would be my thing, and it's absolutely great, so I figure I'll try anything once. If I hate it, I can leave, and never need go again. The chances of me spending the evening sitting in the corner being all shy are quite high, but that's probably preferable to standing in the corner being in trouble!
I'm really not in possession of anything that could be remotely considered "Fetish wear" in the rubber/pvc/corset type of sense, so after some internal debate, I'm going to wear an all-too short tartan school skirt. And other stuff, obviously.
Needless to say, I will probably be writing some sort of drivel tomorrow about how it went, how scary it was, whether I did sit in the corner and hide all night,etc, so if you can be bothered, stay tuned!


Master Retep said...

Be prepared for a head buzz. Our visit to Nimhneach in Dublin was my first ever contact with a club type spanking environment. You read the first post on my blog which was triggered by the subsequent high, there is a follow on post to that first one so I won't repeat my views here.

EmmaJane said...

Have a fab time! Can't wait to hear how it goes :)

And either way you'll have to come to Nimhneach anyway!!

Alyx said...

Bless you....for all the vicarious thrills you are providing. *vbg* Yes, of course we want to hear all about it! :)