Tuesday, 12 May 2009


I've never had much of a desire to switch. In fact, scrub that, I've never had ANY desire to switch. Me spanking someone else has never been part of my fantasies. As time goes on, though, I start to wonder what it would be like. It doesn't turn me on any more than it did before, and I'm not interested in it through any desire for control or power; for me spanking is all about giving up control and power.
I think the main reason I'm interested in switching is because I'm curious to know what it's like to spank someone, from a purely, well, scientific standpoint.

I want to know what it feels like to spank someone - how much force you need to use - with your hand, with implements... how do you cane? How do you use a tawse or a strap? I was never much one for physics/mechanics but I'm starting to think if I'd been taught it with reference to spanking, it might have made a lot more sense!

I think some of my curiosity comes from the fact that when you are being spanked, you don't really see the mechanics of it - you don't see how far back the hand or implement is being pulled, or how fast it falls, you don't see the impact it makes on your bum when it lands. I could remedy this lack of knowledge by filming myself or something but that still doesn't give you that FEEL for how the force and the impact are related.

I suspect I'm not making much sense, even to myself, and, needless to say, given my piss-poor aim, I'm not about to inflict my desire for scientific understanding on somebody else's rear end. A cushion will just have to do. Which is a shame, as it is not exactly responsive!


Anonymous said...

I have know quite a few bottoms who did not want to top, until they tried it.

Once you have had a go, it's quite addictive.

Technique is something you learn as you go along, and the force really depends on the bottom.

Getting a response from the impact is big part of the fun.

A.S.S. said...

Sounds like a very naturally curiosity... and recording a spanking is easy enough to do it today's modern world. Of course, actually giving the spanking would give more information.

Will say this though... giving someone a spanking can sometimes change the dynamic once they go back to spanking you. Have heard more than a few spankees say that. Doesn't always work that way, of course. But for some once they've spanked someone they have a hard time fully submitting to them.

It's an interesting topic!

~Todd & Suzy

Shygirl70 said...

I would really be interested in dominating someone...but not someone who is my Dom...like Todd & Suzy said...too much of a dynamic switch, but I am totally down with the desire to see what it's like to be in control...

Indy said...

I like to switch, even though I don't find it to be as arousing as getting a spanking can be. I play regularly with a couple-- he's a switch and she's a top, and it usually ends up that they gang up on me, then she and I gang up on him, though I now fly solo sometimes. I highly recommend spanking alongside an experienced top-- you learn a lot, and the camaraderie of watching your victim squirm is wonderful.

I enjoy giving him a taste his own medicine. Especially when he's used wood on me. :-) I guess I'm more of a sadist than a controlling top when I spank.

I'm completely with you about wanting the scientific experience. I have a hard time understanding why some people have no curiosity at all about the other side. After all, you don't have to do it again if you don't like it. I think switching also gives you good perspective on what is hard about topping and lets you know what kind of information you need to do it well. That, in turn, makes you better about providing that kind of information during pre-scene negotiations or when you bottom.

Alyx said...

I am a switch, and the pleasure to be gained when spanking someone is different from the pleasure when being spanked, but no less satisfying. Of course, it's satisfying precisely because I enjoy doing both, but if one only really enjoys one or the other, then "crossing over" would be less so.

One thing I can say for sure, though -- spanking a cushion would have NO satisfaction at all! Reminds me of when I was taking taiko drumming lessons. Because not all of us could afford the expensive drums, we were advised to practice on a tire. The experience left a lot to be desired, let me tell you! *snort*

Graham said...

@ Indy — We've always known you were truly evil : )

Eliane, I'll volunteer to assist you in your scientific experiment, as it's the least I can do. Although, if your aim is as poor as you claim... then, I volunteer Caroline instead : )

Irelynn said...

I've switched, as you know, and found it really interesting. Yes, it was different for me from actually being spanked, but I got this strange kind of satisfaction from it. I think I'm quite mean as a top, but the thing I found the hardest was to try and deduce how hard to spank someone. I was so scared of making it hurt too much, and ended up being far too soft on him.

You can practice on me if you want. I didn't really have a clue what I was doing when I switched, and I think if you practice with basic implements (that are easy to control) first and communicate properly with your victim there's no reason to be worried about your aim or anything. But you might find it a bit weird to spank your friend. Well, the offer is there anyway!

EmmaJane said...

I switched before just to try it out. Like you I have never had any inclination to top, but at a party with some friends I just felt like it and spanked and paddled a male friend and then a female friend.

More for curiousity and exploration than any real desire to do it.

I've since spanked another male friend once or twice and I'm amazed how much I enjoyed it and got into it. I felt and acted toppy!

But I'm still 99% bottom and my fantasies are completely about bottoming, not at all about topping.

So it's not something I'm actively looking to do but am open to it developing further if and when the desire arises.

So don't be afriad to try it and come to your own conclusions :)

Eliane said...

Thank you everyone for your comments - they give me food for thought!
And for those of you offering up your bums to me - don't go complaining if I take you up on the offer!

Roger said...

Hi Eliane,

Just found your blog - great reading, thanks for the postings.

I'm a switch - always have been and always will be. It definitely gives me the best of both worlds :-))

You must give it a try, I bet you thoroughly enjoy it. (and my bottom's on offer as well if you are short of one to practise on!)