Friday, 29 May 2009

Those Damn Birch Trees

, I have that terrible disease that most kinky bottoms have - a fascination with things that we *know* will hurt us, but want to try, nevertheless. It's an awful problem to have, to be honest with you, and it leads to us making silly mistakes. The sort of mistakes I have made include things like buying the hairbrush of doom. A very silly mistake indeed.

I think I may be about to make another silly mistake. I am growing increasingly fascinated with the idea of being birched, even though pretty much everyone has told me it is much worse than the cane, which I don't much like anyway. And yet, despite all these comments, and despite the fact that I *know* it will hurt like hell, and I probably will not enjoy it much in the moment, I'm still horribly fascinated by the thought. Fascinated to the extent that I've mentioned it to a trusted friend (of the top variety). His response was something along the lines of "I think we need to go for a walk in the woods."

Um, I'm going to regret this, aren't I?


PK said...

Why are we like this? Why do we becoeme fasinated with a thought like that or see and buy an impliment we know will hurt like hell?? I guess that's what being a spanko is all about.


Caroline Grey said...

Mostly likely you will.

Haven't caught the birch bug myself, I must admit! I'm attracted to the idea of someone snapping off a switch (or sending me to fetch one) and whacking me with it, but the whole bundled many-twiggy-bits-hitting-you-at-once thing is distracting. (and painful!)

Still you'll never know until you try it!

Kami Robertson said...

I'm deeply in love with whippy switched and their impact on my lower part of bum/legs...but birtch? No, not really, all I can thing is that the skin will be broken.

But have fun regretting anyway :) I'm sure it will be worth trying :) and hopefully you skin doesn't scratch so easily as mine!

And yes, I know the feeling of making silly mistakes... ;) I'm kind of hopeless with it myself

Graham said...

I suffer from the same disease. And yes... birching sounds hot to me! ; )

Master Retep said...

If your not sure, try planting a birch sapling. The growing time will give you an opportunity to make up your mind whilst enduring a sadistic long term suspense.

Master Retep said...

I have been reliably informed that birches are best grown by suckers!

Rebecca said...

Enjoy... ;-)

Eliane said...

I still think I'm mad, but when this eventually happens, don't worry I will be giving you all the lowdown :-)

Anna said...

Just found your blog - hi! Looking forward to lots of good reading here.
Haven't seen that you've tried this yet, but sharing a couple of thoughts anyway.
In my experience the birch is actually a bit less severe than the cane (on the bare), though plenty severe.
It's true it can draw blood, but pinprick points that heal very quickly rather than cuts. But the dot bruises tend to be very dark and take a long time to fade.
All worth it, though ;-)