Sunday, 31 May 2009

No Longer A Club Virgin

Yesterday afternoon I was singing in front of a small group of people (about ten) in a singing workshop. I was so nervous my entire body was shaking gently from fear. Yesterday evening, driving to a fetish club, the shaking was even worse! I decided to take some decisive action and whacked my "Wicked" soundtrack into the CD player for a few runs through "Defying Gravity" on the basis that there's nothing better than belting out show tunes to calm the nerves.

I arrived at the venue, met my friends and I went inside to get changed, my exceptionally short tartan school skirt (that barely covers my bum) not really being the sort of thing I wanted to be driving in! And then, looking like a rather naughty school girl, I went into the room. People asked me later whether it was what I was expecting, and to be honest I'm not *what* I was expecting, but basically there was a bar area, and then a room full of equipment with chairs and tables round the side.

There was a very chilled atmosphere, very friendly and laid back, and the music was at such a level that it was easy to have a conversation without having to shout over it, which is very important when you get to my advanced age! There were actually two groups of friends that I knew there (I'm turning into quite the little spanking socialite it seems!), a smaller group where I knew everyone, and the larger group I'd come with where I only knew a couple of people. I flitted between the two groups, and as I was in "Shy Eliane" mode, I spent quite a lot of time with the larger group just sitting listening to other people's conversations. I also didn't know whether I wanted to play or not. Deep down I think I probably did, but I really didn't feel up to asking anyone.
Eventually, after a couple of hours, I worked up the courage to ask the friend who'd been threatening me since the beginning of the evening. This in itself was pretty hard for me. I'm terrible at actually *asking* for a spanking. Plucking up my courage I managed to mutter out my request, and was duly taken over to one of the spanking benches to be spanked and paddled. And thus went my spanking club virginity! It was strange, as I would have thought I would have been completely intimidated by it being in public, and having 100 odd people who could watch if they so chose, but in the end I really didn't think about that at all. People may have been watching, I'm not sure. I had my eyes closed a fair amount of the time which is one reason why I didn't know, but also I was focussed on the spanking I was receiving rather than what was going on around me.
After a hug, I went back to sit down with the other group of people there, and after a while I "plucked up the courage" to ask my friend's wife if he would spank me. Yeah. Go me. So courageous...!
This friend had actually spanked me before, but only in role play never just for the hell of it, so he was a little bit of an unknown quantity in that respect. As soon a bench became free, I ran over to grab it, and there followed some yummy hand spanking and strapping, and then the cane put in an appearance. I'm finding that canes are easier to take the more supported your body is, so if I'm just bending over with my hands on a chair, it's quite hard, I think because it's very easy to get up. Whereas stretched over a table, or better still kneeling on a spanking bench, you don't really have that choice. You can't leap up from a spanking bench even if you aren't tied down, so I just sort of get on with it, and make much less fuss than I would do if I was just bent over. Strange. So, I got six with the cane and then he said he was going to make it a dozen. Unfortunately at that point I said "Damn", and my claim that I was actually saying "Dam" because I had been thinking about the Hoover Dam was met with more than a little disbelief, so I got another 12, plus one for luck, making 19 in total. Apparently, quite a few people were watching me at this point, but I had blocked everything else out. Oh except the stray flogger from the next piece of equipment that hit my foot, twice! Ouch!

So there we go, my Spanking Club Virginity has been lost. And if you'd asked me a year ago if I could ever see myself on a spanking bench being caned in front of a club full of people, I would have laughed quite hard.


Irelynn said...

You didn't chicken out then! ;)

Well done you! Obviously, during shoots I've been spanked in front of a couple of other people, but never that many! And never witout a camera rolling. So, I'm rather impressed.

I don't suppose you took a picture of yourself in that skirt, did you? I don't think I've ever seen you in a short skirt!

EmmaJane said...

Hey well done!

So did you enjoy it? Were you on a high afterwards or are you still processing?

I know what you mean about having to ask for a spanking, we don't 'ask', we 'deserve' them.

And you are quite the spanking socialite indeed!!

Julie said...

Congrats! I'll hopefully have my kinky club cherry popped soon, when I manage to get more time in the big city 45 minutes away from me with train without my Dad being all fussy. Though I cannot see myself being spanked in public before getting experiences in private.. I'm just considering it to get to know kinky people in a safe area.

Rebecca said...

You looked so cute in your school uniform too! And were very brave to play not once but twice - lots of fun!