Sunday, 10 May 2009

A playroom you say?

I'm vaguely considering moving house, because I seemingly feel that I don't have enough stress in my life already... anyway, to this end I was browsing online with my mother looking at various properties. "Oh look", she exclaimed, "this one has a playroom".
"Um, a what?" I replied, wondering whether it was common to advertise such things, how well equipped it was, whether there were any photos of it, and why I had never considered putting "playroom" on my list of required attributes for any future house purchase.
"Yes", replied my darling mother, "but you don't want kids, so you could just use it as a dining room or something."
At that point, of course, I realised that the house had a playroom in the more traditional sense of the word: for small children to store their toys and play in. Shame really. The other sort sounds much more fun.


PK said...

Well now just because others used it for kids to play in doesn't mean you couldn't turn it into a much more fun and creative adult play room. Could end up being your favorite room in the house!


Alyx said...

Ah, the startles that happen in conversations with vanillas! *vbg* But seriously, you should consider that on your list of things to look for. :)

Marie (Kate James) said...

Who's to say you can't make it a big kids play room!

Haron said...

That's hilarious! Our house claims to have a playroom as well, like anybody would have it somewhere overelooked by neighbours... (The real playroom is discreetly tucked away out of sight.)

Eliane said...

Well, it looks as though I will be moving at some point, so "playroom" is going on the list of wants ;-) It may have to double up with the study/junk room though!