Saturday 9 May 2009

Role Play

It's far too late to be starting to write this but I want to get things down on paper asap. I've just had the most fun day EVER doing my first ever role play. Seriously, I've never done role play before. Acting yes, but role play no.
I was very lucky to be invited to take part in a school day with some friends. I was Jemima, a young lady who had previously attended a very liberal school but who had been sent to away by her long suffering grandparents after being found cavorting in their greenhouse with a farm hand.

I really didn't know what to expect from the role play. Well, let me clarify. I did not know what to expect from me. Eliane had been a Stepford Child at school, she never received detention, was never in trouble and was a complete goody two shoes. On the other hand, Jemima would have been through an educational system that encouraged self-expression, creativity, and maybe had not been that rigorous academically. So at a stricter school she might have trouble comporting herself appropriately and adhering to stricter behavioural standards.

So, what was going to happen? Would I revert to type and not even breathe wrong, or what? Well, it turned out that when I put on my school uniform, Jemima completely took over. I don't think she made the best impression on the teachers when she first walked into assembly turning round and calling the girl behind her "bitch" for pulling her bunches. Not the best start.

I apparently found it very hard to behave well. I was constantly interrupting in class, I just didn't seem to be able to keep my mouth shut. Jemima behaved very much like she would have done at her previous educational establishment. Not exactly naughty, but questioning, querying, commenting and generally (and quite unintentionally) probably being a bit of a pain. That being said, I did only get dealt with twice in class. Once was for giving a sweet to the girl next to me who had just been caned (and we both got called to the front and caned. How mean!) The second was when I threw a sticky spider at the blackboard in PSE as the head was dealing with someone else. And it stuck!! Given just how bad my aim is, as amply demonstrated in Games later, I think I should have been praised for my good aim, rather than bent over at the front of the class and spanked and slippered.
I also got called to see my housemaster, and was lectured about the evils of going to see theatre productions about sadomasochistic practices, all the while being tawsed. It went something along the lines of "Sadomasochism is evil." WHACK. How either of us kept a straight face I will never know.
Unfortunately, by the end of the day, I had accumulated enough negative housepoints that I was actually "the worst pupil in the school", and in detention got eight HARD cane strokes to reinforce why I should try not to find myself in a similar position again. They were a beautiful set of stripes though. Jemima was thoroughly chastened, but Eliane was thrilled, (so much so that she got someone to take a photo!) I do dispute that I should have lost points for swearing in class, though. After all, I had just laddered my stockings on the desk. Surely that's extreme provocation?

The highlights of the day?
  • This character just sort of taking over an inhabiting my body. It's just a shame she can't keep her mouth shut in class though.
  • The fact that we none of us wore regulation knickers, and the intakes of breath when the head and my housemaster saw my Little Miss Chatterbox knickers, then later the "sexy moo" knickers, and finally the Little Miss Naughty ones. Also the fact that everyone else was making sure they were wearing equally "unregulation" knickers.
  • The lessons. They were really good fun, despite my naughtiness.
  • Actually forcing myself to play netball and not missing the ball ALL the time, just most.
  • Ordering pizzas for the teachers in the break and them having to answer the door and pay.
  • Wearing an exceptionally short skirt all day and eventually just getting over myself and quite enjoying wearing a slutty skirt!
  • The company. You know who are you, thank you so much for making it a wonderful day.


Abel1234 said...

"Sadomasochistic practices have no place in a school like this" - followed immediately by a whack of the cane! One of the funniest spanking scenes ever ;-)

Graham said...

So cool! ... Can we please do one of these when I'm in England?? ; )

EmmaJane said...

Ha, ha, sounds likE great fun. I quite like Jemima ;)

And well done on managing several changes of knickers; genius!

As for the lecture on sadomasochistic practices, ROFL!!!

Chloe said...

Haha you were fab and lots of fun - so glad you enjoyed it - told you wasn't *really* scary ;o)

Alyx said...

That was hilarious! Thanks for describing that so well and sharing it with the rest of us.