Monday, 18 May 2009

The Subconcious

I had a somewhat violent dream last night, about guns and the mafia. I very rarely get violent or nasty dreams. In fact, even in this case I dreamt that I woke up and I was having the dream because I was taking drugs for swine flu..!
I use this as an illustration to show that my subconscious, or at least the piece of it that manifests itself in dreams, is generally quite a happy place to be. Oh, there have been times when this hasn't been the case. Times when the feelings of loss and longing have been so strong that I've woken with tears still wet on my face from crying in my sleep. But nowadays, I generally have weird dreams, but just that. Not disturbing or violent. This, of course, is a "good thing". It probably demonstrates that I'm fairly happy and well adjusted as a person.

That's all well and good, but it has, to my mind, one major downside. As I've whinged about plenty of times before, I don't have that many kinky dreams nowadays, and I think this is the reason. My nice, happy, and quite frankly BORING subconscious seems to feel that being spanked a couple of times a month, and having free access to kinky stuff on the internet is plenty for it to be getting on with and it doesn't need to go fantasising or dreaming about kink when I'm asleep. My actual conscious would like me to be spanked much more frequently, thank you very much, but my subconscious is quite happy with its lot and carries on being all boring and pink and fluffy and unfulfilling. It's a bit of a dilemma really, as the only way it seems it will deliver the goods in terms of kinky dreams is if I stop BEING kinky in real life, and I'm not having that!!


Graham said...

Oh, dear. If not having violent dreams "demonstrates that [you're] fairly happy and well adjusted as a person," then I must be deeply, deeply disturbed : )

I used to think everyone had intense, insane, violent dreams, until I started describing mine and realized that I get more than my fair share. (My mom does too, it's in the blood!) As for kinky dreams, I found that increasing my activity in the scene actually led to more spanking-themed dreams, not fewer! But I used to never have them, ever ever. So maybe it just comes and goes, and one of these days you'll get a wave of them. In the meantime, it's so much better to get real-life spankings, right? : )

Alyx said...

Have to agree with Graham on that: if the choice is between RL kink and fantasy kink, RL wins hands down [boom-boom] every time! Fantasy is just lovely, and thank the goddess for that, but not at the expense of RL encounters.