Sunday, 19 July 2009

Birthday Spankings

I survived last night :-) It helped that I was gatecrashing the after party of the Lowewood Academy celebration. And at the after party, at the club, all the girls were going in their Lowewood School Uniforms - and herein lies the rather wonderful catch: Eliane might have been 33 yesterday, but Jemima was only 17. (I actually tried to plead that I was two, but I figured I'd stick with 17 if that was on offer!)
But before birthday spankings I had to open my presents, a beautiful photo frame, a rather naughty rubber duck, an erotic dinner party kit, sculpta-sutra, and a lovely little martinet (that I spent most of the evening flogging the table with, much to everyone's amusement!) Lots of lovely presents - thank you very much everyone :-)
So, onto the birthday spankings. Now, I had actually provided the implements that evening, as the rest of the guys would not have been able to take them to their first venue, but I was coming via home after my vanilla celebrations. I was therefore providing the instruments of my own downfall!!
Mr S spanked me first, to warm me up, helped by the lovely Miss Cavendish, one of the Lowewood teachers, who incidentally was wearing THE most gorgeous skirt ever, making us all green with envy. We moved on to the actual birthday spankings, the first of which (I think) was given by Beth, with my lovely big flogger. Miss Cavendish came up withe the idea that I should count backwards! Doesn't she know I can barely count forwards? I believe that a caning came next - the Reverend Jenkins couldn't be with us in the evening, so he delegated the job of giving my birthday spanking to Sylvie, who chose the cane. It was well delegated, as she caned me very hard, making all 17 strokes count.
Next, Miss Cavendish chose my lovely strap that I bought at LAM the other week. It was the first time I'd had it used, and on a nicely warmed up bottom it was gorgeous. Now Miss Cavendish had quite a nice backhand technique with the strap, and as I'd loved it so much, Mr S suggested that she used it on my left cheek while he used the tawse on my right cheek, and I double counted. This tawse is the one that I thought I'd lost, but reappeared earlier this week, caught down the side of the sofa. And do you know what? It's going BACK down the side of the sofa!!! Ow, ow!!!!! It's rather more heavy than I remember. It was also what I got my "one for luck" with. So in total I think I got 5 x 17 lots of strokes. Which is much better than 5 x 33. I think I'll be 17 every birthday!


Jessica said...

Glad you had lovely time ;-)

Anonymous said...

Aww - happy birthday for yesterday! Sounds like you had a fabulous time :)


Graham said...

See, age-play has all kinds of benefits! Glad you enjoyed yourself, you certainly deserve it : )

Martha said...

Glad you enjoyed your first spanking birthday :-) And well-taken last night! (Another pair of fabulous knickers too, btw!)

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday sweetie - hope you had a great time - I will give you your pressie when I get back xx

EmmaJane said...

Sylvie caned you very hard, did she?
That just have hurt. Hope you were able to sit down after wards.

Still think you should have got 33. But don't worry, when we celebrate your birthday over here I'll make sure of it ;-)

Sounds like a lovely birthday all round. Yay xx

ronnie said...

Happy belated birthday, you sound like you had a good time. I love birthday spankings.


Abel1234 said...

Did Sylvie *really* cane you very hard, young lady?

Eliane said...

Thank you everyone, I had a lovely time :-)

@Graham, yes, you are right, it does have advantages ;-)

@EJ You can't celebrate a birthday a month late. That's just wrong. So no need to make the 17 up to 33! (And stop stirring!)

@Abel - of course Sylvie caned me hard. She was mean. It hurt. There were stripes.