Thursday, 9 July 2009

Unjust Punishment

I posted a yesterday about a fantasy of a group punishment, where the girls would be caned, one stroke at a time, until a confession for a misdeed was extracted.
Jessica made an interesting comment that got me thinking:
"It's really sad, but if it's me, I always own up - I would never let anyone take the rap for me. And if I had to take it for someone else and subsequently found out who it was, I'd make their lives a misery!"

Obviously this type of situation is not her thing, and I started to consider why that fantasy would work for me. I suppose primary "motivator" is the element of group punishment. The idea of several girls being punished simultaneously, unable to see what is happening to their friends, but able to hear every second, is a hot idea for me, partly because of my reactions to the sound of punishment, and how intense I find listening to be. However, I can't deny that the element of unjust punishment is also hot. In this fantasy, I would be unlikely to be the one who "did the crime". If there was any element of Eliane in the character I would crack after about two strokes. I suppose I could only be the villain of the piece if I managed to create a character who had a very real reason for being too scared to speak up, or who just didn't care about getting friends into trouble. That in itself might be quite hot to play, as I'm generally far too nice and rarely get the opportunity to be truly horrible.
I also find being the "wronged party" an interesting dilemma. Would I understand why the guilty party was keeping quiet? At what point would I crack and drop them in it? Would I at all? If I was being Jemima, I may well break pretty quickly, purely because Jemima seems to be a bit of a tattle-tale on occasion. I think she has a sense of justice (or injustice) which means that she would want to see the guilty party get their comeuppance. In which case, she may not be the best person to role play this as, as the scene wouldn't last very long!
As you are probably gathering, a lot of the interest for me in this fantasy has very little to do with the actual punishment, and more to do with a examining and experiencing a group reaction to an event or threat like that. It's my insatiable curiosity about what makes people tick... maybe I should stop spending half my life being kinky and do a degree in psychology instead?!


Simon said...

Although I'd find the original suggested group punishment idea difficult, I do find the idea of being punished for something I haven't done hot.

If I found myself in a situation where everyone was going to be punished until the guilty party owned up, if I was the guilty party I'd confess straight away.

But a scenario where it was assumed I was guilty, and as such I was going to be punished til I confessed, that could be fun.

Casey Morgan said...

See, this and the previous post put me entirely in mind of boys' schools, where the honor whacking is a classic (hot) set piece. I love the honor of it, the bravery, the camaraderie, the tribal nature.

If some rotten cad is forcing us all to get the whack, then he/she had better watch out in the changing rooms. But, if there's some very good reason why we're all protecting someone's secret, then our Housemaster can wear his right arm out, as far as I'm concerned. LOL.

Graham said...

mmm....boys' schools... honor thrashing... mmm very very happy place : )

Jessica said...

Wow, yet again, I'm going to make a long comment. Sorry sweetie!

First of all, I'm not a huge fan of being punished in a group, even if I have been bad. This is partly because I always feel the pressure to take what is considered to be a respectable amount, to not be a wuss and to not show it hurts. This, I think, it a pride thing.

Secondly, I really couldn't let anybody else get whacked for me. I had this situation at a weekend boarding school I orgnised for Lowewood. I had done something bad, but didn't own up and Mr Shatebotham lines us all up and said if the girl who had done it didn't own up, everbody would be caned. So I owned up in a flash. I think it;s because I was always taught that honesty is vitally imporant, even if it causes you pain or grief (mental or physical). And because I take so much of myself into role-play, if i was whacked because some arse was clever enough to be naughty but not clever enough to take the rap - grrrrrrr.

the only time I might take the blame would be if a playmate was really scared about it. Then I might have some sympathy. But only a bit!

Casey Morgan said...

I agree that it's the done thing to own up in normal circumstances. I can envision circumstances, though, in which owning up would expose someone else to trouble beyond their desserts, in which case it is more honorable to stay mum. However - back on the boys' school - if a group has decided not to peach, then a true gentleman will recognize honor code in progress and, after dispensing reasonable justice, will let the matter drop. Reasonable in this case meaning not excessive, but still "the best".

Rebecca said...

It's a funny one - I would have for other people to be punished because of me but wouldn't have a huge problem with taking it if I wasn't the guilty party - I can see why Eliane finds the idea quite hot. From the sounds of it the only problem would come in finding someone to play the guilty party...

EmmaJane said...

I find the idea of group punishment hot,mostly cos I feed off the emotions of everyone else. Scenes with at least one other partner in crime get to me way more than a one-to-one.

But I like group punishment in the context of everyone being equally culpable. I think I'd be very like Jessica in that I'd always own up to my part and I would get revenge on 'she who was so dishonourable to let the rest of us suffer',

I also like the martyr idea, taking the punishment for the good of everyone else, but then my fantasies have always been overly romantic and dramatic!!